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PUSH NEWS 24 INTERNATIONAL : February 23rd, 2024

Diaspora Dynamics: Unleashing the Potential of Nigerian Expats for Economic Advancement

In an increasingly interconnected world, the role of diaspora communities in contributing to their home countries’ development cannot be overstated. Among these global citizens, Nigerian expatriates stand out for their potential to drive economic advancement back home.” these were the words of Akile of Okun-Ade, Yoruba African Kingdom in Dallas, TX, HRM Oba Abimbola Akile Balogun.

Oba Abimbola in his reaction to Push News 24 International questions on the high cost of living in Nigeria delve into the dynamics of the Nigerian diaspora and explores how their talents and resources can be harnessed for national progress.

While unveiling their potential: Nigeria boasts a vast diaspora scattered across the globe, with millions of Nigerians residing in countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and others. Beyond their numbers, Oba Akile said “Nigerian expatriates possess a wealth of skills, expertise, and financial resources that can be instrumental in propelling the country’s economic growth.”

The revered traditional ruler stressed that “One of the most tangible ways Nigerian expats can contribute to economic advancement is through secured investment and entrepreneurship.”

“Many members of the diaspora have established successful businesses abroad and possess the knowledge and capital to initiate ventures back home. From technology startups to agricultural initiatives, these investments have the potential to create jobs, stimulate innovation, and drive overall economic expansion.”

Concerned about the need of Knowledge Transfer and Capacity Building, His Rolyal Majesty was quoted as saying ” in addition to financial contributions, Nigerian expatriates play a crucial role in knowledge transfer and capacity building. Through mentorship programs, partnerships with local institutions, and participation in educational initiatives, diaspora members can facilitate the transfer of skills and expertise in various sectors, including healthcare, education, and technology. By nurturing talent and empowering local communities, they contribute to building a more robust and competitive workforce”.

According to Akile Diaspora Engagement Initiatives have been one of the areas where his kingdom and members of the Yoruba African Community have created a platform for recognizing the importance of diaspora engagement.

Push News 24 International reports that the Nigerian government and various organizations have launched initiatives to tap into the potential of Nigerian expatriates. These include investment forums, networking events, and policy frameworks aimed at facilitating remittances, easing business regulations, and fostering collaboration between diaspora members and local stakeholders. Such initiatives create avenues for dialogue, partnership, and collective action toward shared development goals.Challenges and Opportunities.

Oba Abimbola also painstakingly said that despite their immense potential, Nigerian expatriates face challenges in fully harnessing their contributions to economic advancement. These include bureaucratic hurdles, regulatory barriers, and concerns about political instability and security risks. Addressing these challenges requires concerted efforts from both the Nigerian government and diaspora communities to create an enabling environment for investment, entrepreneurship, and collaboration.

As Nigeria charts its path toward economic advancement and prosperity, leveraging the potential of its diaspora emerges as a strategic imperative. By tapping into the talents, resources, and networks of Nigerian expatriates, the country can unlock new opportunities for growth, innovation, and inclusive development.

Oba Akile concluded ny saying “With continued collaboration and engagement, the Nigerian diaspora stands poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the nation’s future economic landscape.”

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PUSH NEWS 24 INTERNATIONAL : February 10th, 2024


In a somber communique and at the funeral service & Internment held on Friday 9th February 2024 at the Four Square Gospel Church, Ipakodo, Ikorodu, Lagos State, The executive Chairman of Ikorodu West Local Council Development Area, Hon Otunba Sulaiman Kaseem Olanrewaju has expressed heartfelt condolences on the passing of a key political leader in Ikorodu Division, an influential figure in Lagos State politics, describing Engr. Oluwasegun Ademehin (a.k.a Superman), as a towering figure in the state’s socio-political landscape, the Mayor extended sympathies to the late Ademehin family, friends, and memebers of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Engr. Ademehin’s life, characterized by dedication to Lagos State and the advancement of shared values, was highlighted by the Council Mayor. Ademehin was lauded not only for his leadership but also for his visionary grassroot advocacy for justice, equality, and progress.

Acknowledging Supernan’s significant contributions to the socio-cultural and political space, the Hon Sulaiman emphasized his unwavering commitment to the betterment of the good people of Ikorodu West LCDA, state, and nation. Specific achievements and initiatives were mentioned, highlighting his enduring impact on improving lives and shaping the community’s future.

Engr. Ademehin’s integrity, compassion, and commitment to public service were underscored as traits that will be remembered. The Mayor portrayed him as a beacon of hope and inspiration, urging other political hopefuls to emulate his example and strive for a better tomorrow.

SKO in his closing remarks, called on residents and his political assocites and mentees to honor [Engr Ademehin’s memory by continuing his good work, the Council boss further encourage unity amongst party faithfuls in facing future challenges. The message conveyed was one of determination to uphold principles dear to late Ademehin who he continuously referred to as his leader.

The Chartered Accountant turned politician concluded with the Mayor extending deepest sympathies to all who knew and loved Engr Ademehin expressing hope that his legacy will endure as a testament to leadership, courage, and compassion.

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PUSH NEWS 24 INTERNATIONAL: February 7th, 2024


“Members drew on emotional resources including cultural affiliations, friendship and family visits, to strengthen ethnic bonds. “It was the creative ingenuity of diaspora members to establish communal and ethnic associations rooted in their own culture”. These were the words of HRM Oba Abimbola Akile Balogun, Oshiloye Ojoye 1, Akile of Okun-Ade, Yoruba African Kingdom in Dallas,Texas.

In an exclusive interview with a main stream online media, the Akile of Dallas who recently returned back to his kingdom in the United States of America after attending the annual retreat of the Council of Oba Yoruba in Diaspora (COD) which was held in Nigeria, stated that pursuing the welfare of the Yorubas in Diaspora has necessitated the need to hold this annual summit inorder to cross- fertilize ideas with stakeholders at homeland.

“Very often, diaspora communities construct identities that distinguished them from their host communities and these identities could be expressed in terms of settlement patterns, social, religious, political and economic institutions and this fits into the adventures of the Yoruba Nation worldwide” Akile said.

The concept of diaspora is used to describe a community, which has a history of migration, possess distinctive cultural practices that distinguished it from the host community and maintain cultural ties with the homeland.

When asked why the need for Obas in diaspora, the highly respected royal father said ” The word diaspora is Greek, meaning scattering.The concept of diaspora is used to describe a community, which has a history of migration, possess distinctive cultural practices that distinguished it from the host community and maintain cultural ties with the homeland, hence, in a bid to deliberately preserve such cultural practices and traditions in foreign countries, the Obaship became an acceptable phenomenon amongst its people”.

“The term Yoruba in diaspora is used here to refer to all people of Yoruba descent who settle outside the shores of the Yoruba homeland but maintain socio-cultural linkages with the homeland or who continue to maintain Yoruba identity”, Akile said.

According to Oba Abimbola the Council of Oba Yoruba in Diaspora is a network that will serve as a mechanism of managing threats of insecurity, cultural survival and preservation of the Yoruba race in foreign lands.

Akile advise Yoruba Nation that inorder to foster unity in our community, we must stick close to the traditions we all claim to be a part of.

“No longer will our Diaspora based culture and customs hold up, if we continue
to stand for using European culture as a lens from which to view African culture. If Eledumare has declared it to be of one’s destiny to be given an exalted position, he/she must be deeply steeped in African culture” Oba Abimbola stressed.

Push News 24 International reports that the Council of Oba Yoruba in Diaspora, is an association of Yoruba traditional rulers who concerns themselves with the welfare of their members and patrons.

From time immemorial, we have Yorubas spreads across the globe dwelling happily with their accepted traditional leaders (Obas).

Aside homeland, We have Yorubas in Benin Republic, Togo, Ghana, Cote D, Liberia, Burkina Faso, Mali, Gambia, Brazil, Cuba, Trinidad and Tobago etc.

With the onset of the Atlantic slave trade, Yoruba people from Nigeria and Benin were forcibly transported to America as slaves. Their religion expanded across many borders — to Trinidad, Cuba, Saint Lucia, Benin, Togo, Brazil, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, to name a few.

the Oriade of Georgia, United States, Oba Bernard Shola Akinrimisi; the traditional ruler of Yoruba in the Republic of Ireland, Oba Saheed Ibrahim Adufe, and the traditional ruler of Yoruba in Liberia, Oba Omobolaji Ogunkoya.

The 2024 annual summit of the Council of Obas-in-Council had in attendance several royal fathers to include Oba Abimbola Akile Balogun, Oshiloye Ojoye 1, Akile of Dallas, Oriade of Georgia, Oba Bernard Shola Akinrimisi; the traditional ruler of Yoruba in Liberia, Oba Omobolaji Ogunkoya, Oodua Gbadewolu I and the traditional ruler of Yoruba in the Republic of Ireland, Oba Saheed Ibrahim Adufe, the Omole of Miami, Florida, Oba Adeleke Adesina, Ori-Ade of Georgia, Oba Akinrimisi Bernard, Oba Germany, Oba Sulaiman Lawal, Oba Adeyinka Daso (Netherlands), Adedayo Yaya Gawa (Cote d’Voire), Oba Aderonmu Sadiq (France), Oba Moshood K.B. Abolade (Gambia), Oba Aderabarin Babajide (Mexico) amongst others.

HRM Alase Oba Adejuyigbe E.A.O Adefunmi, Oloyotunji of Oyotunji Village USA, Paramount Ruler of North American and the Diasporas was however absent.

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PUSH NEWS 24 INTERNATIONAL : January 9th, 2024

The fatal shooting of rapper Half Ounce has ignited a familiar conversation about gun violence, rap culture and whether there’s a responsibility for record labels to protect their artists.

As of January 9, 2024, Osazuwa Agbonayinma, who uses the stage name Zuwa, has been shot and killed in the United States. Agbonayinma is an American-based Nigerian singer and member of the singing duo Roze, along with Eghosa Rodney Agbonayinma, also known as Row.

The report said the singer’s father and former Nigerian lawmaker Ehiozuwa Agbonayinma confirmed the tragic news to Channels TV Entertainment News that his son who also had a master’s degree in Architecture was killed by a shot in the back of the head.

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Doyin Okupe, a former director general of the Peter Obi 2023 Presidential Campaign Organisation, has resigned from the party, citing ideological differences.

Mr Okupe announced his resignation from the party in a letter addressed to the National Chairman of the Labour Party (LP), Julius Abure.

In the letter, dated 8 January, Mr Okupe said the party was only used as a “special purpose vehicle” to actualise the presidential ambition of Mr Obi during the last presidential election.

Mr Okupe, who claimed to be on the centre-right of the ideological spectrum, said the lefty leaning of the LP does not conform with his own ideological stance.

“I have been a rightist and a Liberal Democrat all my entire life. It is therefore this ideological conflict that makes me seek an exit so that I may continue my political activities with liberalism, sincerity and freedom,” he said.

Messrs Okupe and Obi left the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for the LP shortly before the presidential primaries.

Mr Obi was given the presidential ticket of the LP. Mr Okupe served as the campaign DG and temporary running mate until the selection of the eventual running mate, Ahmed Datti.

In December 2022, Mr Okupe, a former presidential spokesperson, resigned as the campaign DG following his conviction in a money laundering case.

In a sitting of the Federal High Court in Abuja, Ijeoma Ojukwu, the presiding judge, sentenced Mr Okupe to two years imprisonment after he was found guilty of 26 out of a 59-count charge preferred against him by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

However, he was given the option to pay a N500,000 fine on each of the counts — totalling N13 million. He subsequently announced his resignation as the campaign DG.

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PUSH NEWS 24 INTERNATIONAL : January 9th, 2024


In a bid to get rid of government officials who are not meeting up to their terms of references and job descriptions, the Amuwo Odofin Local Government boss, Engr. Valentine Buraimoh has swung the big-stick by suspending his Special Adviser on Tourism, Hon. Akinseye Adewale Ipinlaye.

Sei Ipinlaye’s as he is fondly called fate was sealed after the Council Chief through the Council Manager, Bakare O. O. made a release to the effect ref. AOLG/CM/EXE/Vol.1/01 and dated 5th December, 2023, a copy made available to Push News 24 International.

Valentine, in his letter, accused Engr. Sei for abandoning his duties despite still enjoying all the largesse accruable to his Office as a Special Adviser.

The offenses, according to the Executive Chairman, represents a delineation of public trust and service to the good people of Amuwo Odofin and are considered serious misconduct and liable to punishment.

The suspension letter also stated that pending when further action is decided, the SA’s benefits, and other pay-outs are suspended with immediate effect.

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PUSH NEWS 24 INTERNATIONAL : January 7th, 2024


“It’s against best practices as well as labour standards to lay-off public officials without justifiable reasons, these were the underlining thoughts of the erstwhile suspended Special Adviser on Tourism in Amuwo Odofin Local Council, Hon Sei Ipinlaye’s response to Executive Chairman of Amuwo Odofin LGA, Engr. Valentine Buraimoh.

The former, Secretary to Amuwo Odofin LGA, in his four-page long response, has declined accepting his purported suspension letter signed by the Council Manager, Bakare O.O. over what he called failure to follow due process as contained and provided in the Lagos State Guidelines on Administrative Procedures for Local Government.

Sei stressed that the CM has no authority to sign such a document, neither does the Executive Committee have powers to prescribe any punishment to such effect, he believed the Council Boss has been misled by those who should know better.

Hon Sei further stated that he is been victimized as in the case of others by Mr Chairman who also never deemed it fit to give him a fair hearing.

Armed with facts, Sei accused the Executive Chairman of working against the spirit of the Lagos State Guidelines on Administrative Procedures for Local Government since his asumption to office as Council Boss.

Not relaxing on his oars, Hon Sei has sent a SOS to the Lagos State Governmen and other stakeholders for necessary redress.

Push News 24 International reports that It’s without a doubt that an employer and employee relationship is governed by certain laws in Nigeria such as the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,1999, with similar guidelines at the State and local government levels.

At the global level, termination of employment at will and without reason is no longer fashionable or acceptable.

We must bear in mind that no nation can be an island to herself and any nation that seeks to do so will be doing so at her own peril.

Therefore, the need to ensure that the Nigerian labour jurisprudence is in tandem with what is obtainable at the international scene found reflection in our grassroot politicking in Nigeria.

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PUSH NEWS 24 INTERNATIONAL : January 1st, 2024


The Akile of Iga Okunade in Dallas,Texas , HRM Oba Abimbola Akile Balogun, had while celebrating the yuletide holidays and New Year has admonished Nigerians in Diaspora to emulate the life of Jesus Christ who is an embodiment of forgiveness and good conducts

In a statement by his palace spokesman, Oba Abimbola praised Nigerians for their resilience in facing and surmounting of the daunting challenges in the past year as they sojourn outside Nigeria.

“As good ambassadors, the end of the year 2023 and the beginning of a new one provides us all with an opportunity for reflection and introspection, as well as to plan,” he said in the statement. “But most importantly, it is a time to give thanks to the Almighty God for the gift and for his care and provision to all of us.”

The US based royal father, urged Nigerians to show optimism and be encouraged by the fact that Iga Okunade’s Oba-in-Council and other key stakeholders would not relent in sustaining the ongoing peaceful co-existence with their host country and would provide the needed support to Nigerians with the aim of improving the general well-being of our people.

“The year 2023 was no doubt challenging,” he said. “But I’m happy our people rose to the occasion and triumphed in their various fields of endeavor. The lessons of the past year will serve as a useful instrument that will guide us to fruition in the years ahead.”

Oba Akile thanked the Yoruba African Community and other distinguished persons who stood by him through thick and thin, promising that their interest, welfare, and well-being would remain his firm commitment, mission, and purpose throughout his reign as a custodian of the Yoruba Heritage.

He assured Nigerians in the United States that his reign would continue to support and implement policies, programmes, and projects that have a direct and positive impact on them.

The traditional ruler, however, urged the people to be vigilant against saboteurs who have continued to wreck the good image of Nigeria abroad.

He encouraged individuals and groups to cooperate and participate in all activities initiated by the Yoruba African Kingdom in Texas with the aim of preserving our culture, globalizing our heritage, and upholding our norms and traditional inclinations ”.

For the royal father, this is necessary to ensure that as we integrate and interact with our chosen environments, we do not lose our ancestral values.

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PUSH NEWS 24 COMMUNITY : December 30th, 2023

Senior wardens and agency leadership gathered at Carolina Creek for the 2023 Senior Warden Leadership Forum

Senior Warden Adam R. Gonzales Named Warden of the Year

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) is proud to announce that Senior Warden Adam R. Gonzales of the William P. Clements Unit has been selected as the 2023 Warden of the Year.

Each year, regional directors nominate wardens who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, mentorship, vision, and statistical performance. The nominations undergo a rigorous review process by the Correctional Institutions Division (CID) deputy division directors and the CID director for final approval.

According to Lonnie “L.E.” Townsend, Region V director, Warden Gonzales consistently displayed an ambitious drive to incorporate new and innovative approaches in correctional facility operations.

“Under his leadership, the Clements Unit became the first unit in TDCJ to implement an Earned Incentive Housing Area. This unique housing area rewards inmates with outstanding behavior and provides motivation for others to strive for positive change,” Townsend said.

“Furthermore, Warden Gonzales encourages his staff to adapt successful programs from various facilities across the state and country to meet the specific needs of the incarcerated population at the Clements Unit. By combining traditional correctional tactics with modern understanding and theories, he aims to promote public safety, facilitate positive inmate behavior change, support inmate reintegration into society, and assist victims of crime.”

Executive Director Bryan Collier added, “Warden Gonzalez is one of many outstanding wardens serving TDCJ, and he is worthy of the honor he has received. His commitment to fostering a safe and innovative environment that promotes rehabilitation sets a standard for excellence within our agency.”

Gonzales is a 25-year veteran of the TDCJ. He began his career as a correctional officer and promoted through the ranks by serving the agency in the capacities of sergeant, lieutenant, captain, major, and assistant warden of several facilities. Gonzales received his Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice with honors from Ashworth University in 2017.

“I was truly honored and overwhelmed with emotions on being announced as the 2023 Warden of the Year,” Gonzalez said. “As I was presented the award, I could only think of the countless staff who made this acknowledgement happen. I was grateful to my lovely wife for supporting me in my career and the mentors who invested in me over the years.”



PUSH NEWS 24 INTERNATIONAL: December 30th, 2023

TDCJ Launches Tuition Reimbursement Program to Enhance Employee Education Opportunities

On Friday, the Texas Board of Criminal Justice (TBCJ) unanimously approved the launch of EmpowerEDU, a tuition reimbursement program aimed at supporting Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) employees in their pursuit of higher education.

Under the newly established program, eligible TDCJ employees will have the opportunity to be reimbursed for tuition expenses incurred while pursuing relevant courses at accredited institutions of higher education. This program is designed to aid employees in enhancing their job-related skills, work-related capabilities, and overall competency, thereby positioning them to excel in their current roles and adapt to evolving technological, legal, and procedural advancements.

“Our workforce is the backbone of this agency, and investing in their education and professional development is vital,” TDCJ Executive Director Bryan Collier said. “Through the EmpowerEDU Tuition Reimbursement Program, we aim to empower our employees to not only excel in their current roles, but also to prepare for future challenges and opportunities.”

To apply for the tuition reimbursement program, applicants must be a full-time TDCJ employee with at least three continuous years (36 months) of service, a satisfactory annual job performance evaluation and not be on disciplinary probation or be a return-to-work retiree. A review committee consisting of agency administrators will evaluate each application based on the eligibility, course relevance, and potential improvement in job-related skills.

“Our goal is to establish ourselves as the No. 1 employer in Texas. We believe in investing in our employees and providing opportunities for growth and development,” Collier said. “This program will not only help our staff advance their education, but also enhance their professional skills and knowledge, ultimately benefiting TDCJ and the communities we serve.”

Employees seeking reimbursement must submit their request within 20 days of receiving their final grades and successfully completing the course. Reimbursement is capped at $5,000 per fiscal year for tuition, books, and mandatory fees. Reimbursement spots are limited.