PUSH NEW 24 INTERNATIONAL: April 12th, 2022


The Banking Investment Expert turned politician and Ikorodu Constituency 1 aspirant on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC) , Hon Babawale Alogba, has said that he is not intimidated by the high number of party bigwigs joining the 2023 legislative race and he is confident to be the party candidate in 2023. 

This is as he claimed he is not deterred by any consensus arrangement as he stands a chance to emerge as the party’s flag bearer no matter the election process deployed. 

Alogba said: “If consensus is going to be the option, I don’t think APC will go outside Babawale Alogba, and even if other considerations are put forward whether direct or indirect primaries, Babawale Alogba is the man to beat. I am confident, I trust God Almighty, and I trust the judgment of the leadership and members of the party who are urging me on.” 

“I am not intimidated, my pedigree, profile, experience and exposure stands me out amongst the lot, because it is not just about what you have achieved in the past. It’s going to be what you are doing now and what you can do for the Constituency from 2023.”. 

Alogba said this to the media in Ikorodu after a consultative meeting with the Justice Forum (JF) Caucus of the APC who received him with overwhelming joy. 

This claim comes a day after stakeholders of the party are in an uproar over the high number of aspirants gunning for the top seat. “ 

On his chances of emerging as the APC’s flag bearer in next year’s general elections if the party toes the path of consensus , he said 

“I have also garnered some experiences as an LGA Executive for two terms and as a youth growing up I have been able to see governance at very close markings. My Constituency supporters are in the majority, So, I am very confident that I will be going to do a great job for my Constituency come 2023.”  

“….. I am competent, have capacity, patriotic, a unifier, or a bridge builder. He said. 

Alogba further told Push News 24 International “1 know the body language of Ikorodu Constituency 1,  The party is aware that the youth and women are clamoring for that person who is coming to give a responsible and responsive representation”. 

 “They are aware of that man who is coming to build on the achievements of the outgoing Member who have served a fourth term; they know who Constituency 1 residents are clamouring for and they know who is acceptable both in the Ikorodu North, Ikorodu West and the Ikorodu Central, both by Muslims and Christians, even pagans and non-believers. they know that man that is coming to turn the socio-political and economic fortunes of our communities around through effective legislation. 

 “They know the man that speaks the mind of the youths, aged, and less privilege and that man is Babawale Alogba   

The Ikorodu born maintained the optimism that he was most favoured to clinch the APC ticket for 2023 Ikorodu Constituency 1.

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