The Kano State Police Command has arrested 128 suspected thugs (a.k.a.’Yan Daba’). To these young offenders, life means nothing. They can kill without hesitation. When a man’s life becomes hopeless, he caress less about the consequences of his actions.

This an embarrassing situation for any society. Breeding youths without a future poses a danger to the very society that breeds them. Without jobs and education, these youths resort to drugs addiction which in turn feeds criminal behaviour.

No society that is indifferent to youth restiveness can pretend to be safe. Abandoning children to their own fate or to their own devices endangers the society that produces them.

Without a future, these young men can commit any evil in order to survive and feed their drug addiction. They are potential recruits for criminal gangs or politicians who use them to intimidate their opponents. Their hearts are hardened and so killing people or raping women means nothing to them.

We are sitting on a time bomb. These thugs rule the streets. They stop and attack people at dark corners and rob them of money, handsets and other items. If the victims resist, they won’t hesitate to kill them on the spot. These young men are the human debris of a dysfunctional society. We can only ignore this embarrassing spectacle at our own peril. It’s high time we stopped playing the ostrich as the danger looms large.