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PUSH NEWS 24 INTERNATIONAL : December 3rd, 2022


Sequel to Ikorodu Federal Constituency Rep, promise to address the dilapidated infrastructure in Ikorodu Division, with a view to ensuring economic development, the former Executive Secretary of LSDPC, Hon Babajimi Adegoke Benson has flagged off the construction of a 3.3 -kilometre Eruwen urban road project in Constituency, a fourth of its kind.

This is just as the Chairman, House Committee on defense have promised that his legislative activities would not consider ethno-tribal and geographical divisions in addressing the developmental needs of Ikorodu Division.

JB as he is fondly called, stated while performing the flag-off of the road projects yesterday, that part of his legislative cardinal agenda is to run a one-stop constituency, where democratic dividends will be evenly distributed across the 2 local governments and 4 LCDA’s in his Constituency.

Present at the flag-off of the road project is the All Progressive Congress (APC), Amuwo-Odofin Federal Constituency Candidate, Prince Lanre A. Sanusi (PLS) who was at the event to support his Associate, friend and brother on the milesstones achieved so far in a bid to translate same to Amuwo Odofin Federal Constituency after the 2023 general elections.

Sanusi said the synergy between the lawmaker, Federal government and Lagos State government has enabled the easy facilitation of the road construction which is in line with the legislative transformation policies and programmes of Rep Jimi Benson.

The Awori born Prince said, “the giant strides of Rep Babajimi Benson administration in the area of infrastructural development and other critical deliverables despite been a legislator are well known and worth emulating by all who may desire such elevated post. What we are witnessing today is JB deliberate efforts at complementing the quantum leap of Gov Sanwo-Olu infrastructural turnaround in Lagos State“.

PLS highlighted that the project which is said to be fully funded will be executed to meet up with international standards and that is a plus for JB, Push News 24 International reports.

Sanusi urged the people of Ikorodu Division to continue to support the APC government so as to continue to reap more dividends of democracy. He charged them to re-elect Hon Babajimi Benson in the 2023 general elections to further enjoy masses-oriented projects and programmes.

Hon. Jimi Benson also hinted that the road project which includes the construction of drainages to control flood water, will be completed before Easter all things been equal.

Also in attendance at the flag-off are the duo of Hon Banjo and Hon Sesan Daini, the Executive Chairmen of both Ikorodu North LCDA and Igbogbo/Baiyeku respectively, others include Party Stalwarts, Constituency and members of the CDC/CDA

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PUSH NEWS 24 INTERNATIONAL: December 3rd, 2022


The All Progressives Congress (APC) senatorial candidate for Lagos West, HE Dr Idiat Adebule in conjuction with the APC Amuwo Odofin Candidates and other stakeholders have flagged off a grassroot victory campaign ahead of the 2023 general elections.

The event which was hosted under the heels of the Conference of 57 Women in both Amuwo Odofin LGA and Oriade LCDA was targeted at mobilizing the entire women folks towards the collection of their PVC and voting enmasse for all APC candidates in Lagos State with Amuwo Odofin Federal Constituency as focus.

Addressing the media on the relevance of women in politics, the APC House of Representative candidate for Amuwo Odofin Federal Constituency, Prince Lanre A. Sanusi (PLS) said representation is the core basis of democracy. Improved decision-making. Over the years we have found that women’s involvement impacts decision-making in a positive way – with examples including better childcare in Norway and more drinking water projects in India linked which are linked to higher levels of female representation.

“Studies have found that longer exposure to women’s political representation increases women’s overall labour force participation, the share of public employment opportunities and the stabilization of the socio-political pheres of any country”

Despite all efforts to promote the contribution of women in the domain of politics and decision making, women have continued to record low representation at all tiers and levels of governance although they constitute more than half of the electorate”. PLS said.

The US trained financial expert and tax consultant stressed that women’s involvement in government decision making is giving significant political visibility to women’s rights worldwide. Although women are not a homogeneous group, they tend to be supporters of other women and have been instrumental in placing women’s issues and concerns on to the parliamentary agenda.

Explaining why Nigeria ranked low, the PLS said, “The under representation of women in political participation gained root due to the patriarchal practice inherent in our society, much of which were obvious from pre-colonial era till date. Given the several talks, initiatives and policy directions of the APC led Lagos State government, one would expect greater progress in Nigeria’s quest for increased women’s political participation.”

On his mission to the Green Chamber the Awori born Prince stressed –

Having realised that the existing constitutional guarantees are not totally effective in preventing discrimination based on sex, religion, ethnic affiliations, my motions and recommendations will came in light of the need to ensure all-inclusive participation of Nigerians in every sphere of the nation’s endeavour.”

“It is evident today that women still suffer a lot of discrimination, especially in their participation in politics. I, therefore, intend to examine an issue that continues to attract much concern not only from the womenfolk of our great country but also from every Nigerian who is appalled by the limited opportunities afforded women to effectively participate in politics in Nigeria.”

Thanking the leadership of the Party in Lagos West for their mobilization efforts so far he further thanked the women for coming out enmasse to support Dr Idiat Adebule and other Candidates and advising them to vote enmasse for the APC.

Push News 24 International reports that a detailed report by the Gender Strategy Advancement International, GSAI, has disclosed that women political participation in Nigeria falls below the world and African continental standards.

According to the report, the national average of women’s political participation in Nigeria remain at 6.7 percent in elective and appointive positions, which it said, is far below the global average of 22.5 per cent, Africa regional average of 23.4 percent and West African Sub Regional Average of 15 percent.

The report added that Nigeria ranked 181 of 193 countries on the Gender Equality Index, for countries with low women representation in governance.

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PUSH NEWS 24 INTERNATIONAL : December 3rd, 2022


When the good people of Amuwo Odofin Federal Constituency party electorates chose Prince Lanre A. Sanusi popularly called PLS as their next representative to the Green Chamber, at the last party primary election, it was a bold statement anchored on informed judgement. Their actions were a clear message that “leadership is a serious business that is sustained by trust and evaluated by its level of responsibility and responsiveness.”

That apparently was the verdict that ensured that the people openly rejected PDP 2-Term Hon Oghene Egoh, the incubent, who had under represented the good people of Amuwo Odofin Federal Constituency despite huge unccounted Constituency funds, and on account of the perceived recklessness of his administration and its apparent disconnect from the good people of Amuwo Odofin Federal Constituency.

The election presents the needed platform for self-examination in retrospect, for the people of Amuwo Odofin Federal Constituency, over the mandate they had given in the past. And in what could be likened to a referendum, they spoke in unison about the path they desire the constituency to travel, going forward, especially as they were obviously dissatisfied with how the affairs of Amuwo Odofin Federal Constituency were managed by the outgoingincumbent, in the past eight years.

The BATCO Group in Amuwo Odofin Federal Constituency, a major stakeholder had taking their resolve further by boldly aligning their pursuit on leading Prince Lanre Sanusi to the Green Chamber, come 2023.

And their collective resolve was a nod for a new order. New vision. A new direction, inspired by the belief that Amuwo Odofin Federal Constituency deserves better. And that with a more responsible leadership that would make the interest and wellbeing of the people the overriding priority of the government, Amuwo Odofin Federal Constituency would, in no distant time, regain its pride of place in LagosState.

Young, Urbane, savvy, articulate and astute, Sanusi presents a fresh hope for this collective desire for fresh reinvention, reinvigoration and re-engineering of the creative energy of Amuwo Odofin that would engender development, prosperity and progress in the state, BATCO leadership stated in their address.

The choice of Sanusi, the House of Representatives candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), therefore, was a consensus endorsement for quality leadership, doggedness, loyalty, creativity, and perseverance. It was a vote for a man whose aspiration came with years of strategic networking and preparedness for leadership. And given his well-known antecedent as a trusted bearer, Sanusi’s fidelity to genuinely be of service to the indigenous and residents of Amuwo Odofin Federal Constituency cannot be of any doubt.

The BATCO Group gave the nod to Sanusi to pilot the affairs of the Constituency come 2023, however, it didn’t come on a platter. PLS worked hard and triumphed over several other formidable opponents which included a former ranking lawmakers, former LGA Chairmen, Cabinet Members, party leaders, boardroom titans, businessmen amongst others.

Many commentators at the gathering have, therefore, posited that all eyes would be on PLS and AmuwoOdofin, especially as the poor performance and lack of Federal government presence and continuous infrastructural decay controversies that engulfed the Constituency and the controversial public image of the incumbent have combined to turn Amuwo Odofin Federal Constituency into a Constituency of interest in national and State political discourse.

Notedly, Sanusi is not unaware of this unpleasant narrative. He understands, through his training and practice as a public officer and frontline public affairs analyst, that this mandate comes with big responsibilities and very high expectations.

In doing that PLS assuredthe BATCO leadership and members that his administration would consult widely and work as a team as he disclosed that in the course of the campaign, “we promised good governance while stimulating development in all sectors and across all the eleven wards of our dear Constituency.”

Push News 24 International reports that because of the urgency to turn-around the fortunes of the FESTIVAL Town, the passion, apprehension and interest of many Amuwo Odofin indigenes and residents to see that the pitfalls of the past were avoided, have become very palpable.