Push news 24 international: June 21ST, 2022

Prince Lanre A. Sanusi (PLS)


Amuwo Odofin Federal Constituency Member-Elect under the platform of the All-Progressive Congress (APC) dares his critics to report him to security agencies if truly the alleged fraud allegations against him by his distractors are true. 

The US trained financial expert and Tax Consultant, Prince Lanre A. Sanusi (PLS), has described as untrue his alledged arrest by the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) on allegations of fraud as reported by Sahara Reporters owned by Omoyele Sowore who is the presidential candidate of AAC in a clear desperate attempt by some persons to truncate the mandate of the good people of Amuwo Odofin Federal Constituency. 

Sanusi, in a statement issued on Monday, titled: “SAHARA REPPORTERS ON THE PATH OF SELF DESTRUCTION” lamented how the media have now become the medium to attack perceived opponents with clandestine political cynicism. 

PLS in his media release denied any knowledge of any shipping firm known as 4runner and neither went into any contractual agreement with such firm, he challenged the company (4runner) and Sahara reporters to make public any documents signed to such transactions within 7 days without which he will have no choice than to seek legal redress on the matter.  

Speaking further, the Lagos born Prince decried a situation where the media (Sahara Reporters) have reduced itself to the level of promoting cheap political blackmail with persons of unfounded claims who have become bad losers and who now use pseudos to carry out their attack. 

“How would Sahara Reporters publish a story without any fair or balance hearing from the other parties if at all such transactions exist – this has further put its proprietor, Omoyele Sowore further in bad light as not fit to lead a complex country like Nigeria”. 

“The series of media publications, where allegations were raised against me, are simply the handiwork of those who felt they ought to have been elected into positions at the primary election, since they cannot come out bold, they use their cronies to slander their perceived opponents”. Sanusi said. 

Push News 24 Internation noted that Sahara Reporters alleged that Lanre Sanusi through Femi Dada shipped some covid19 materials through Lagos port for distribution during his 2023 campaigns for the House of Representatives in Amuwo Odofin and has not made payments for the shipping even though the goods have been domiciled at the Port and incurring demurrage.  

In his statement Sanusi confidently declared that he would not be deterred in his effort to discharge his duty as a good citizen and ambassador, diligently bringing about positive change in the society by showing transparency in all his deals, he denied been arrested by EFCC and having any dealings with Femi Dada and only came into the picture when a friend Olanrewaju Lawal requested his assistance to raise funds to clear the goods and because of his other financial commitments he couldn’t, hence, they intended blackmail. 

 “This is part of an orchestrated smear campaign by some persons working for some political interest in Amuwo Odofin” PLS said 

Push News 24 International findings indicated that a friend to PLS (name withheld and also known to Femi Dada) who wanted to support him in his campaigns with the distribution of some covid materials to his constituents could not finance the entire shipments to his destination due to inadequate funds, hence, they requested for support from PLS to raise funds, but PLS could not meetup due to other electioneering commitments. the friend declared to Push News 24 International that he owns the transactions, and it has nothing to do directly with PLS as it was aimed as their own form of support to him but was surprised why his friend would just want to blackmail PLS due to the fact that the goods were yet to be cleared. 

Contrary to the sensational headlines, designed to embarrass and blackmail Sanusi, the report by Sahara Reporters and Femi Dada does not disclose even a single piece of evidence of fraud or criminal activity on the part of Prince Lanre A. Sanusi as it’s a business gone wrong between two friends in which one decided to exploit the gullibility of the media, Push News confirms. 

Femi Dada was also confirmed to be a close ally and friend of one of the Amuwo Odofin House of Representative aspirants in the 2022 APC primaries who lost out and since then have continuously acted in bad faith. While other aspirants have accepted defeat, congratulated the winner and started working for their party, the other has chosen the difficult path of acting as a bad loser.