PUSH NEWS 24 INTERNATIONAL : March 24th, 2022


Celebrating the Achievements of young Miss. Hauwa Ibrahim 22, A developer of two exciting and innovative Apps (Archiscope) for Architects, and (JupiMart) for online Shoppers.

A graduate of Computer science with First Class Honors from Lancaster University Ghana and a distinction in her MSc from Middlesex University, Mauritius.

A young Nigerian lady, Hauwa Ibrahim Aminu, built JupiMart and ArchiScope to help architects and online shoppers – The lady who had both first-class and distinction in her first degree and masters respectively said she worked on the apps in school – Many people praised her, saying they hope to have the same opportunities the lady’s parents gave her.

In an exclusive interview with a National Daily, the young lady spoke about how she created two applications named JupiMart and ArchiScope. Hauwa said she really loves providing solutions to people’s issues. She revealed that creating JupiMart was a way to make buyers confident of what they were shopping for online and also reduce the number of times bad goods are returned. The developer stated that her second app, ArchiScope, was to bridge the communication gap between architects and their clients.

When asked if the feedbacks on her works have been great, she said in January 2021, a lot of architects were satisfied with what she did with the building app. She disclosed that the support from her parents has been immense. The 22-year-old said she did not really feel the cost of building the apps because she worked on them as her BSc and MSc projects.

The brilliant Nigerian said that though none of the apps has been commercialised, she hopes they will be in the nearest future.

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