PUSH NEWS 24 INTERNATIONAL : January 20th, 2022


“When you are young, you think about dates, when you are growing old, you think about prunes”.-Anonymous

He came. He saw. And he’s still ‘seeing’! He’s still conquering! The pun is arguably a fitting summary of Hon Seidu Shakiru’s trajectory on planet earth. His Zero to Hero life story is refreshing and scintillating, just as it is inspiring and motivating.

It‘s a narrative about a fine gentleman, a sagacious man, whose new age is worthy of celebration as he approaches the golden age. A shrewd media practitioner who just clocked a new age of 48 years. This is a flowery essay about an accomplished grassroot journalist and silent philanthropist, who, like a phoenix, rose from the ashes of social-economic limitations to become a towering testimony to fruits of hardwork and God’s Grace. The commentary on Shakiru is about an unassuming trailblazer who, many agree, is an asset to his land-of-birth, Igbogbo Kingdom and a source of blessing to humanity.

Push News 24 International Executive Board and Management on this auspicious day say a Happy Birthday to the Publisher of MegaXpression, a towering figure, community development advocate, leader of many civic organisations/ allumni, corporate boardroom guru, role model extraordinary for entrepreneurs, quintessential family man, Rank Xerox of finesse, content creator, writer and researcher in the true sense of those words and above all, a promising socio-political leader. That is Hon Seidu Shakiru.

Every chapter of Shakiru’s age sojourns on earth contains elegant description of a man, who is aware he is pencil in the hand of God. Hence, for him, God comes first. His love for the Almighty and community conditions Shakiru’s numerous impactful contributions to Ikorodu Division emancipation and humanitarian services through the pen.

Shakiru was neither born great nor had greatness thrust on him. And there was neither silver-nor any type of –spoon in his mouth when his parents welcomed a new bouncing baby boy. However, through the dint of hardwork, consistency and faith in God, Shakiru has moved on to acquired the proverbial silver spoon and achieve greatness on his own – this is visible with the caliber and quality of persons who patronize his business and choose to be called his friends.

Having left indelible legacies in the now rested Igbogbo Info Magazine and as a man full with natural wisdom and creativity, you founded MegaXpression tabloid as a 21st century platform to meet modern community reportage standards, You wete trusted by all and gained more followers. You achieved a zero negative reports in media reportage at both local and TV international levels.

To Shakiru, service to God and humanity, is the first assignment on earth. As a trained publicist, he believes that issues should be investigated before publications in the media. His creative legacies are beginning to be awarded with laurels as MegaXpression has become the source of genuine information across Lagos State.

When the Grace of God comes upon human effort, there is no doubting the exploits that are generated. The effulgence and excellence of the exploits that the life of one of Nigeria’s youngest and brightest media generals, Shaky as he is fondly called is generating is a proof to the abundance that the God can bring out of man’s dedication to an upwardly mobile lifestyle. Results don’t lie, only fools will doubt proofs!

For Shakky, his consistency to doing what he knows to do best; his intentionality to seeing through a planned course of action; his painstaking effort to ensuring that the best foot is put into every aspect; his eye for detail in fashion, outlook, and personal grooming; his adroit prowess to portraying the clientele the best way possible, his cerebral nature at holding meaningful and productive conversations; his commitment to the fact that smart work pays after all; and his knack for delayed gratification is simply few of the exemplary characters that have distinguished him among a generation of media personalities.

Shakiru holds the rare leadership potential to lead, to serve the good people of his community – the future is luck – a child was born this day.

Let’s roll-out the drums, cymbals and put-on our dancing shoes as we sheers to 48 years of Grace.


Prince Olalekan Ojo Martins (MNIPR)