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PUSH NEWS 24 INTERNATIONAL : December 26th, 2021

Dr Abdulazeez Olajide Adediran ( Jandor)

The Lagos4Lagos leader, Dr Olajide Adediran aka Jandor have issued a statement through his Press Secretary, Kazeem Bakare to debunk a publication credited to the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) in Lagos State in a National Daily not Push News 24 International that the Lagos4Lagos Movement incursion into the opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has created a dangerous rift and confusion amongst contending interest groups for the PDP Governorship candidacy race.

Visibly concerned Jandor stated that his entry into the PDP is a loss that the Lagos APC could not manage, hence, their continuous circulation of negative diatribes at his person and group.

Dr Olajide further assured that in a free and fair contest he will emerge victorious.

Find below the statements issued to tackle the ruling APC as made available to Push News 24 International.

Re: Jandor: New Party, Fresh trouble
Our attention has been drawn to a false and malicious article in the Nation Newspaper on Saturday, 25 December, 2021, claiming that the entry of our Lead Visioner, Dr Abdul-azeez Olajide Adediran(Jandor) into the PDP has caused ripples within the party in Lagos.

For the avoidance of doubt, contrary to the spurious claims of the writer, Jandor’s entry into the PDP has brought unity, sense of purpose and renewed vigour to its quest to take over the reins of power in Lagos come 2023.

With its renewed onslaught on Jandor, it is evident that the APC can no longer hide their pains over Jandor’s move to PDP as the Party embarks on false and malicious campaigns,celebrating non-existing feud in PDP over Jandor’s defection.

Apparently, the faceless individual behind the hatchet job suffers from illusion, or selective amnesia, to undermine the warm reception of Jandor by ALL the tendencies in the Lagos PDP. Of course, we do understand how badly hit the ilk of this hireling and the paymasters in the APC have been since Jandor’s decision to move into the PDP.

We are not oblivious of the plans of the APC to cause confusion and disaffection within the PDP from outside. In fact, after the party realized that Jandor’s movement to PDP was unstoppable, they resorted to blackmail claiming Jandor was in the PDP to resurrect the party.

Lately, we have noticed a consistent trend from the Nation’s Newspaper- Attack anyone or anything associated with Jandor. Needless to say that the end goal of the evil plot is to stop Jandor from being on the ballot come 2023.

Interestingly, the newspaper has also launched vicious attacks on the PDP since Jandor joined. On the 13th of December, there was also a bile attack on the Lagos4Lagos movement at the back page column of the newspaper by another faceless writer.
Just like the cowardly and lazy effort from that report, the latest article snacks of utter mischief and blackmail.

The question to ask is; Why is the APC and its bunch of bootlickers afraid of Jandor?

Though not unexpected, the APC propaganda machinery has always failed to dwell on issues. Apparently unable to undermine the efforts of Jandor to unite the party in its quest to wrest power from APC, the report only referred to the reservation of a PDP chieftain to represent the views of chieftains and elders in the party in Lagos State. Beyond that, every other source(including Jandor’s aide)the writer claimed to have spoken to were as amorphous and faceless as the writer.

It is pertinent to state here again that Jandor is in the PDP to subject his aspiration to a popularity test through a fair and just process, one that is evidently lacking in the APC.
Again, we are not surprised that the malicious report from the APC’s hatchet man made a feeble attempt to paint a picture of imposition from the national body of PDP.

It is rather preposterous to think that a party which has harmoniously worked at both state and national levels on modalities for Jandor’s grand reception into the party, would work at cross purposes. Significantly, the party has always been known to observe internal party democracy and it is arguably the only party that conducts free and fair primaries without rancour.

The APC has always made it a pastime to discredit and malign the Lagos4Lagos and our Lead Visioner, but we remain undaunted and unperturbed. The attacks have been on since we started the journey six years ago but the latest vituperation from the party through their acolytes have been vicious.

After making several overtures to keep him perpetually in the party before serving him the “Baba Sope” treatment, it is evident that Jandor’s PDP masterstroke threw spanners in the plans of the APC.

We do understand that there will be many sponsored attacks to come as the PDP is joining forces with a formidable force from outside the party, to oust the APC from power come 2023.

Lastly, we will like to remind the APC that the Lagos4Lagos ideology is built on making Lagos work for ALL as against the present system that serves crumbs to faceless characters masquerading as journalists from an overfed master.

Lagos4Lagos! It’s time.
Kazeem Bakare
Press Secretary

By Prince Olalekan Ojo Martins

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