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LAHA 2023 : Equity, justice, fairness imperative for Ikorodu’s unity — Bebenlo 

Prince Olamilekan Ojo Martins, a public affairs commentator and leadership advocate revisits the current succession controversy in Constituency 1 in Ikorodu Division ahead of 2023 and questions a clandestine arrangement by some unforeseen socio-political cabals that excludes the good people of Ikorodu West LCDA. 

I spoke on the roles that leaders must play to engender unity in my weekly Instagram-live entitled: “Nigeria, Some Defining Issues for the Future.’’. In my live broadcast I stated emphatically that equity, justice, and fairness for all segments of society are imperative in the pursuit of unity in Ikorodu Division of Lagos State.  

As a former LGA Youth Leader of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) I am of the conviction that any fear or allegation of marginalization or discrimination on account of tribe, residency, religion, ethnicity or political affiliations must not be overlooked by any community as its long term negative effects are better imagined. 

“Political and traditional leaders in Ikorodu Division must do the difficult work of educating their publics about the need to live together and ensure political positions and patronage are circled amongst the three entities that makes up Constituency 1 and 2, in this case for Constituency 1 are Ikorodu West, Ikorodu North and Ikorodu Central”. In constituency 2 brothers are pitching against one another, neighbors against neighbors …so the story goes. 

“It is the elites, leaders that will do the onerous job of ensuring unity in our communities.” 

In my previous writeup with the title, “The Propaganda Plights of LCDAs in Lagos State”, I tried to show how Greater Ikorodu West LCDA made up of Ipakodo, Owutu, Agric amongst others have been reduced to the political weeping child of Ikorodu Division. This is due to the worst form of political marginalization foisted on the people before, during and after the creation of LCDAs in Lagos State. 

Expectedly, the writeup attracted mixed reactions. In that writeup, many pertinent questions were raised challenging proponents of centralization in Ikorodu Central to provide evidence as to when and who sat together to draw the agreement on such arrangements (written or unwritten). 

While many hailed the logicality of the argument, some people with opposing views made feeble attempts to counter the argument even as they were lacking in facts and failed woefully to provide answers to the basic questions raised. Their best attempt was to say that both Ikorodu West and Ikorodu North were merely created from Ikorodu Central and they have to call the shorts and that it has come to stay! We shall return to that later. 

In this my second intervention, I basically want to present further historical evidence to buttress the point that, by reason of equity, justice and fairness, Ikorodu West LCDA, whether by “cultural zone” or old divisional structure (or even affirmation), should be supported to produce the next Lagos State House of Assembly Member for Ikorodu Constituency 1. Power can still shift to Ikorodu North LCDA afterwards. By so doing, equity is still serve.

Activities of the past years has only revealed how some stakeholders have been neglected in Ikorodu Constituency I. which is made up of Ikorodu Central, Ikorodu North and Ikorodu West)

House of Assembly Ikorodu Constituency I Short history 1999-Till Date

1999-2003.. Hon. Ola Animashaun (Ikorodu LG).

2003- 2007.. Hon. Sunmi Odesanya ( Ikorodu Central).

2007- 2011. Hon. SOB AGUNBIADE ( Ikorodu Central)

20011- 2015. Hon. SOB AGUNBIADE ( Ikorodu Central)

2015- 2019. Hon. SOB AGUNBIADE ( Ikorodu Central)

2019- 2023. Hon. SOB AGUNBIADE ( Ikorodu Central)

Ikorodu North and Ikorodu West we have waited enough…

We call on Our party Leaders and Traditional Leaders to speak out. If Ikorodu Constituency 2 can tinker with rotation , Ikorodu Constituency I should also lead by example.

It’s time for Rotation 🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️……..

The unique and constitutional position of the trio is longed recognized by the laws of Lagos State as equal entities but the injustice vehemently experienced as shown in the case of the Lagos State House of Assemble leaves so much to be desired. We live in a complex web of multi-layered social, cultural, economic and political synergies playing out in Ikorodu and that is most unfortunate to the LCDAs. 

Despite the scale of the challenges facing us, unravelling this web of commonality as proposed by enthusiasts of disintegration and some greedy politicians is a cure that is worse than the disease. 

This is why we must understand that even though managing diversity can be politically and administratively onerous, diversity itself is an economic strength and harnessing it properly is hugely rewarding, if properly harnessed, our diversity could ensure lasting prosperity for all. 

The true wealth of nations in the 21st century is human capital, societies that set out to attract and retain the most diverse pool of skilled human resources are ordained to prevail in the race for prosperity. 

It is a matter of interest that the most prosperous economies in the world are typically diverse. With diversity comes a broad range of cultural, philosophical and intellectual approaches for solving problems; innovation can only flourish in this kind of setting. Ikorodu West indeed has qualified and experienced professionals who can occupy any post. 

This is why the apex leadership in Ikorodu Division must understand that even though managing diversity can be politically and administratively onerous, diversity itself is an economic strength and harnessing it properly is hugely rewarding. Let’s give Ikorodu West LCDA the opportunity to ensure a refreshing legislative agenda. 

Prince Olamilekan OJO MARTINS (Mnipr) wrote in from Texas, USA

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