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PUSH NEWS 24 INTERNATIONAL: December 12th, 2022

LASPGM: COMTUA and Punch Newspaper Caught Spreading Fake News

By: Fashina Shakiru.

We are surprised and shocked with the news headlined ‘Truckers write Sanwo-Olu over four missing members’, published in the ‘Punch Newspaper Online’ dated Today, 14th December, 2022.

The news publication also falsely stated that, “Illegal possession of firearms, suspected murder, kidnapping, vandalism of properties, and break down of law and order when their members, Council for Maritime Truck Unions and Associations, (COMTUA) trying to ensure sanity in the movement of truck were attacked by hoodlums suspected to be ‘Ecomog Boys’.”

To set the record straight and rebut malicious allegations made by the COMTUA and erroneously published without proper investigation by a reputable Punch newspapers; There is NO group known as “Ecomog Boys” in Mile 2, but there is a body known under the state transport regulation called Lagos state park and garages management, (LASPGM) Amuwo Odofin Branch; There is NO element of truth in the said report, which is very alarming and ill motivate to cause chaos in the state.

However, what transpired on Tuesday, 13th December, 2022 at Mile 2 bridge, Apapa/Oshodi expressway, When A team of Nigeria Police from Area E, Festac Town division led Council for Maritime Truck Unions and Associations (COMTUA) members to the designated check point for trucks and heavy-duty containers accessing Apapa Port, Invoking purported ‘Order from the Lagos state, Commissioner of Police, CP Abiodun Alabi that LASPGM members should evacuate the road’. In respond to this, a member of the LASPGM, asked for the warrant or letter to that effect, whereas, NO LETTER OR WARRANT WAS PRESENTED OR PRODUCED.”

With NO record of violence, harassment or intimidation and video evidence to that effect, in a very diplomatic and friendly manner, both parties resolved that a proper warrant or letter addressed to the branch while copying the state chairman of the LASPGM whose activities is backed by the Lagos State Transport Regulation, is required for such order to be invoked.

It was a great shock and dismay to read in a publication this morning that ‘Truckers write Sanwo-Olu over four missing members’. We want to categorically state that, THIS IS A FALSE ALARM AND BLATANT FAKE NEWS. It seems the news was prepared based on perception and fabricated statement to cause uprise in the state and dent to the image of LASPGM members.

It is good to clear the air on these baseless and fallacious allegation levelled against our members; NO police officers was belittled and NO breakdown of law and order, as everyone was going on about their normal businesses; The police officers conducted themselves in a good professional manners to ensure that there is no breakdown of law and orders. The police who led the COMTUA members later urged them to WRITE A LETTER TO THE APPROPRIATE AUTHORITY to avoid any unrest.

We strongly protest the publication of such online newspaper and call the attention of the Lagos state, Commissioner of Police, CP Abiodun Alabi to investigate on the subject matter.

It is also interesting to note that, this group called COMTUA which is headed by one Prince Taofeek Adeyinka Aroyewun popularly known as YINKA is not a registered and recognized union under state laws in Lagos, therefore has no business on the state road; Claiming to ensure sanity on the road blocked, where there are state authority and stakeholders responsible to ensure free flow of traffic on the axis of Mile 2 bridge, Apapa/Oshodi expressway.

The head of COMTUA, Yinka, as fondly called is also a member of Road Transport Employers Association of Nigeria, (RTEAN) which was recently banned by the state government and a prominent member of People’s Democratic Party, PDP in Lagos state. He is a temerity of unscrupulous hustler and blackmailer who has been working for PDP Presidential candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar with intentions to cause serious political havoc in the state.

It is categorically to state that, this is the period of electioneering, the public and state government should note that, COMTUA President, Prince Taofeek Adeyinka Aroyewun popularly known as YINKA should be held responsible for any unrest or attack on LASPGM Amuwo Odofin members, particularly Mile 2, Apapa/Oshodi expressway, because we have gathered with some evidence that he will lead clandestine attack on major grassroots mobilizers of All Progressives Congress, APC in the coming days which the service has been paid.

Finally, Our Members are law-abiding citizen, we therefore call on Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, Commissioner of Police Abiodun Alabi and Ministry of Transportation to look into matter as soon as possible.

Media for LASPGM
Amuwo Odofin, Badagry division.

By Prince Olalekan Ojo Martins

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