PUSH NEWS 24 INTERNATIONAL … December 19th, 2021

Ms Chidera Njoku


The young elegant and soft-spoken lady, Ms Chidera Njoku, a 22-year-old from Enyiogugu Mbaise in Imo State, South Eastern, Nigeria has been congratulated by the Federal Government of Nigeria for making Nigeria proud by breaking a long standing academic records in Pharmacy at Indian Subharti University.

Ms Njoku with Nigerian High Commissioner – Maj Gen Eze (Rtd)

Push News 24 International learnt Ms Njoku came top of her class with first class honours and has been awarded a gold medal for her academic excellence, diligence and brilliance and a scholarship for her to pursue her doctorate degree in the University..

In response to this magnificent achievement, the Nigerian Government through the Nigerian High Commissioner to India, – Maj Gen Chris Sunday Eze (Rtd) congratulated Ms Chidera Njoku for emerging the top of her class and making Nigeria proud and Africa as a continent.

The gesture according to the high Commissioner is a morale booster by the government to encourage other Nigerians studying abroad.

In the congratulatory letter to Ms Njoku, Major Gen Eze states: “Despite the rigors accompanying studying in a relatively different environment, Ms Njoku has excelled and definitely stands to be celebrated as being a pride to Nigeria and Africa as a continent” the message stated.

Ms Njoku (Gold Medalist for academic excellence)

Ms Njoku stated that in spite the challenges facing health care professional in Nigeria, she is committed to returning home to help out using the skills and knowledge acquired in her area of specialization. Ms Njoku who has already began her doctorate expressed all thanks to God for carrying her thus far.

Push News learnt that Ms Njoku`s parents, Mr Joe & Mrs Happiness Njoku Udor who are civil servants took their daughter to study overseas for better education particularly in the area of medicine which Indians are known for.

Ranked among the top 10% of Universities in India, Swami Vivekanand Subharti University is NAAC “A” Accredited and has received numerous National and International Awards. The University has over 58 MOU’s with excellent infrastructure and an environment for research-driven learning. Spread across a lush green 250+ acre campus, the University has 14 faculties offering more than 220 programs, a 1000 bed multispeciality hospital, Libraries, fully equipped laboratories, hostels, auditoriums, banks, creche, stadium, cafes, and other recreational centers.

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