PUSH NEWS INTERNATIONAL : October 27th, 2021

Hon Sulaiman Kazeem Olanrewaju

The Chairman of Ikorodu West LCDA in Lagos State Hon Sulaiman Kazeem Olanrewaju popularly called SKO have described the recent oversight functions carried out by the Ikorodu West LCDA legislative house as a legislative tool that would spur them (Council Bosses) to do more.

Reacting to a recent ongoing project tour by the Councillors, the Chairman disclosed that since the inception of the oversight function, activities in the LCDAs have been positively affected.

SKO reiterated that “the oversight function carried out by the counlloirs to inspect the projects of the local government, has enabled them to buckle up.

According to him, “ The local government is a true representation of the state government at the grassroot, …We are aware people measure the performance of even the state government through our deliveries that is why we can’t afford to let them down because it would affect people’s perception about the government in Lagos state”, he said.

We are charged with the responsibility of bringing government closer to the people, so we can’t afford to disappoint our people, we will continue to do more as the funds are made available”, he promised.

Hon Sulaiman further said that he had to ensure due diligence was done to get the best vendors for all the ongoing projects and was happy that the contractors are living up to the expected professional and infrastructural compliance. According to him the Works department of the LCDA is expected to do a rigorous monitoring.

When questioned on the insinuation that the councilors seems to be overwhelming the activities of the executive , the Council boss has this to say .

The legislature is an institution which represents the common and collective interests of the citizens through the enactment of laws and the exercise of oversight functions on the activities of the executive arm of government. The legislature in a democracy exists as an independent institution which deepens democracy and ultimately strengthens the polity. They are simply our partners in progress in terms of community development and I have a good relationship with all the Councillors” he stressed.

The Council boss further hinted that more focus will be on education, youth development and security.

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