PUSH NEWS 24 INTERNATIONAL : June 18th, 2022


Amuwo Odofin Federal Constituency Member-Elect, Prince Lanre A. SANUSI has thrown his weight behind the clamour for the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to ensure all Nigerians particularly residents of Amuwo Odofin receive and update their PVC with any fear of discrimination.

According to the soft spoken Lagos Prince, its a violation of the fundamental rights of the voting populace to deny any one access to decide who leads them regardless of their faith, tribe or creed.

Speaking with Push News 24 International after the submission of his nomination form as the candidate for the rulling All Progressives Congress for Amuwo Odofin Federal Constituency, Sanusi said …

“the ongoing PVCS registration, is experiencing a gradually slow but increasing registration of eligible voters because this morning along the road the INEC officials were there registering those that have not registered before and if you see the large crowd, it is encouraging and that implies that people are coming out to register so that they can exercise their franchise during the 2023 election”.

“My simple message to them is that they should all come out in their large numbers to come and register and collect their PVC because their PVC is their power.This is because before anybody can seek your vote, you must have your PVC. It is your power, your strength that you can exercise the way you like. When we criticized and condemned bad governance, we could only be involved in chasing away bad governance when we had our PVC with us.

“However, if you don’t have your PVC, then it means anybody can just come on board to seek elective positions and be our ruler.

“So the way to ensure a responsible and responsive governance is for us to exercise our franchise, and in exercising it, you must have that instrument, which is the PVC, so I enjoined everyone who hasn’t gotten their own to quickly go and get it so we can ensure good governance in the country,” he advised.