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Hon Gbolahan Ogunleye


The Candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the forthcoming 2023, Ikorodu Constituency 1 elections, Mr Gbolahan Ogunleye is currently been burdened by the need to prove his claims as having graduated from the Lagos State University, Ojo.

Gbolahan who is the son of the APC Apex leader in Ikorodu Division and former Deputy Governor of Lagos State, Prince Abiodun Ogunleye has submitted as part of his credential claims to INEC declaring to have graduated from LASU, a claim which is currently enmeshed in counter claims by some persons due to the assumed discrepancies in the multiple correspondence received from the apex citadel of learning in Lagos State.

Push News 24 International reports that LASU issued two documents. One saying Gbolahan Ogunleye never graduated from LASU and signed by the Deputy Registrar who is the Head of Exams and Records, then another saying the same Gbolahan graduated from LASU and wss signed by the Registrar.

Findings by Push News revealed that the matric number in the first letter, is not present in the second letter. Also, the first letter says that, the original certificate should be sent for further investigations.

Further scrutiny also indicated that the second letter shows, there is a reference to a new letter that was written again, to clarify things.

Gbolahan receiving his INEC forms from Party Secretary, Hon Sunmi Odesanya

Amidst all these are reactions from several persons and interested parties.

A key members of the Oga Group who do not want his name on prints said there could have been an administrative flaw on the part of the School but the issues is been blown out of proportion by political opponents within the APC particularly in Ikorodu Central.

Asimiyu Lawal a member of the APC in Ikorodu Central says “this is a distraction by failed and desperate politicians who are bent on subduing the will of the people to choose their preferred candidate.”

An academician by the name Soji Kaseem in his twitter handle said “perhaps, the database of LASU of year 2000 is not the same as the one they use now. So, it could be that, the records were not easily found”.

According to him ” the first letter didn’t provide much details outside of the matric number. The certificate would have been responsible for aiding things.”

A lecturer, who is also a key member of the party in Ikorodu said “The Management of the School Authority (LASU) need to further investigate the matter and issue a clarification notice to the general public. If not such conflicting letters is capable of denting the image of the School. This is a serious matter.”

Mr Asaolu also posited that “This is simply a politically motivated scandal and blemish emanating from the prestigious- reverred citadel of learning.”

One of the leaders of APC in Ikorodu West LCDA who is also a strong suppoter of Ogunleye said ” there is no issue here, even though the first letter written by the registrar in June said there is no record of the fellow graduating from the school, he gave a caveat asking that the fellow visits the head of exams and record with his documents in order for them to be able to conclude the verification and I believe this is what was done and subsequently resulting in exams and records issuing an updated letter in July maybe after they have validated his claims. The registrar clearly insinuated that his letter was not final on the case. It might just the problem of administrative issues in the university”.

While there have been several reactions within the ruling All Progressives Congress pundits have it that if the crises is not properly managed the party may play into the hands of the opposition.

Efforts to reach Hon Gbalahon Ogunleye to hear his own side have not yielded much results as the controversy continues, it is generally believed that the burden of proof is domiciled with the apex institution.

Push News 24 International reports that Hon Gbolahan Ogunleye and his Oga Campaign Group have rained unshaken and they concluded its a mere distraction expected in politics which will soon pass away as the perpetrators making false media claims have been extended the olive branch.

OGA as he is fondly called defeated ither aspirants including the Majority Leader Sanai Agunbiade, who has represented the constituency for almost 16 years. Agunbiade was seeking a fifth return to the Lagos State House of Assembly in a keenly contested primaries.

The primary was held at Ikorodu West Local Council Developmental Area (LCDA) secretariat in Ogolonto

After the sorting and counting of votes, Gbolahan Ogunleye scored 38 votes, Gafar Bolowotan scored 16 votes, Bolaji Isikalu score one vote while Hon. Sanai Agunbiade scored no vote.” according to the returning Officer.

The Local Government party chairman Mr Waheed Animashaun, commended the electoral process, saying that it was free and fair.

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PUSH NEWS 24 INTERNATIONAL : June 14th, 2022


Ikorodu Constituency 1 in Ikorodu Division is all celebration mood as the will of the people was affirmed by the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

OGA as he is fondly called was received by the party leadership as he was giving his nomination form as party candidate affirming his clear victory at the APC primaries.

The son of Prince Abiodun Ogunleye, former Lagos State Deputy Governor, Gbolahan, won the All Progressives Congress (APC) ticket for the House of Assembly in Ikorodu Constituency 1 with majority votes.

OGA as he is fondly called defeated the Majority Leader Sanai Agunbiade, who has represented the constituency for almost 16 years. Agunbiade was seeking a fifth return to the Lagos State House of Assembly

The primary was held at Ikorodu West Local Council Developmental Area (LCDA) secretariat in Ogolonto

After the sorting and counting of votes, Gbolahan Ogunleye scored 38 votes, Gafar Bolowotan scored 16 votes, Bolaji Isikalu score one vote while Hon. Sanai Agunbiade scored no vote.” according to the returning Officer.

The Local Government party chairman Mr Waheed Animashaun, commended the electoral process, saying that it was free and fair.

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LAHA 2023 : Equity, justice, fairness imperative for Ikorodu’s unity — Bebenlo 

Prince Olamilekan Ojo Martins, a public affairs commentator and leadership advocate revisits the current succession controversy in Constituency 1 in Ikorodu Division ahead of 2023 and questions a clandestine arrangement by some unforeseen socio-political cabals that excludes the good people of Ikorodu West LCDA. 

I spoke on the roles that leaders must play to engender unity in my weekly Instagram-live entitled: “Nigeria, Some Defining Issues for the Future.’’. In my live broadcast I stated emphatically that equity, justice, and fairness for all segments of society are imperative in the pursuit of unity in Ikorodu Division of Lagos State.  

As a former LGA Youth Leader of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) I am of the conviction that any fear or allegation of marginalization or discrimination on account of tribe, residency, religion, ethnicity or political affiliations must not be overlooked by any community as its long term negative effects are better imagined. 

“Political and traditional leaders in Ikorodu Division must do the difficult work of educating their publics about the need to live together and ensure political positions and patronage are circled amongst the three entities that makes up Constituency 1 and 2, in this case for Constituency 1 are Ikorodu West, Ikorodu North and Ikorodu Central”. In constituency 2 brothers are pitching against one another, neighbors against neighbors …so the story goes. 

“It is the elites, leaders that will do the onerous job of ensuring unity in our communities.” 

In my previous writeup with the title, “The Propaganda Plights of LCDAs in Lagos State”, I tried to show how Greater Ikorodu West LCDA made up of Ipakodo, Owutu, Agric amongst others have been reduced to the political weeping child of Ikorodu Division. This is due to the worst form of political marginalization foisted on the people before, during and after the creation of LCDAs in Lagos State. 

Expectedly, the writeup attracted mixed reactions. In that writeup, many pertinent questions were raised challenging proponents of centralization in Ikorodu Central to provide evidence as to when and who sat together to draw the agreement on such arrangements (written or unwritten). 

While many hailed the logicality of the argument, some people with opposing views made feeble attempts to counter the argument even as they were lacking in facts and failed woefully to provide answers to the basic questions raised. Their best attempt was to say that both Ikorodu West and Ikorodu North were merely created from Ikorodu Central and they have to call the shorts and that it has come to stay! We shall return to that later. 

In this my second intervention, I basically want to present further historical evidence to buttress the point that, by reason of equity, justice and fairness, Ikorodu West LCDA, whether by “cultural zone” or old divisional structure (or even affirmation), should be supported to produce the next Lagos State House of Assembly Member for Ikorodu Constituency 1. Power can still shift to Ikorodu North LCDA afterwards. By so doing, equity is still serve.

Activities of the past years has only revealed how some stakeholders have been neglected in Ikorodu Constituency I. which is made up of Ikorodu Central, Ikorodu North and Ikorodu West)

House of Assembly Ikorodu Constituency I Short history 1999-Till Date

1999-2003.. Hon. Ola Animashaun (Ikorodu LG).

2003- 2007.. Hon. Sunmi Odesanya ( Ikorodu Central).

2007- 2011. Hon. SOB AGUNBIADE ( Ikorodu Central)

20011- 2015. Hon. SOB AGUNBIADE ( Ikorodu Central)

2015- 2019. Hon. SOB AGUNBIADE ( Ikorodu Central)

2019- 2023. Hon. SOB AGUNBIADE ( Ikorodu Central)

Ikorodu North and Ikorodu West we have waited enough…

We call on Our party Leaders and Traditional Leaders to speak out. If Ikorodu Constituency 2 can tinker with rotation , Ikorodu Constituency I should also lead by example.

It’s time for Rotation 🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️……..

The unique and constitutional position of the trio is longed recognized by the laws of Lagos State as equal entities but the injustice vehemently experienced as shown in the case of the Lagos State House of Assemble leaves so much to be desired. We live in a complex web of multi-layered social, cultural, economic and political synergies playing out in Ikorodu and that is most unfortunate to the LCDAs. 

Despite the scale of the challenges facing us, unravelling this web of commonality as proposed by enthusiasts of disintegration and some greedy politicians is a cure that is worse than the disease. 

This is why we must understand that even though managing diversity can be politically and administratively onerous, diversity itself is an economic strength and harnessing it properly is hugely rewarding, if properly harnessed, our diversity could ensure lasting prosperity for all. 

The true wealth of nations in the 21st century is human capital, societies that set out to attract and retain the most diverse pool of skilled human resources are ordained to prevail in the race for prosperity. 

It is a matter of interest that the most prosperous economies in the world are typically diverse. With diversity comes a broad range of cultural, philosophical and intellectual approaches for solving problems; innovation can only flourish in this kind of setting. Ikorodu West indeed has qualified and experienced professionals who can occupy any post. 

This is why the apex leadership in Ikorodu Division must understand that even though managing diversity can be politically and administratively onerous, diversity itself is an economic strength and harnessing it properly is hugely rewarding. Let’s give Ikorodu West LCDA the opportunity to ensure a refreshing legislative agenda. 

Prince Olamilekan OJO MARTINS (Mnipr) wrote in from Texas, USA

Push News 24 International …we speak your mind!

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PUSH NEWS 24 INTERNATIONAL: April 29th, 2022

Hon Babawale Bisiriyu Alogba


A foremost contender for the Ikorodu Constituency 1 at the Lagos State House of Assembly seat in Lagos State, BABAWALE Bisiriyu Alogba, has picked his expression of interest and nomination forms under the All Progressive Congress (APC) as part of activities towards the 2023 elections.

The aspirant, while picking the forms at the party’s Secretariat, said his campaign and eventual mandate will be hinged on the cardinal areas of development carried out by Government of Lagos State as a world class Mega City.

Alogba said his aspiration is born out of deep responsibility to the people of Ikorodu Constituency 1, which is also encouraged by the populist political ideology of Governor Babajide Sanwoolu.

Hon Babawale Bisiriyu Alogba pose with APC Lagos State Secretary, Hon Sunmi Odesanya

The professional financial expert turned politician swore to preserve the ideology of the populist government and give his Constituency a fresh perspective to governance as a lawmaker by putting premium on the people’s welfare while he represents the interest of his constituency at the State Assembly.

When asked on his chances of becoming the party flag bearer, Babawale said ” I am a technocrat and have served the party in various capacities, the outcome of the primaries will shock many

” The people during consultations saw my pedigree and programs and concludes that it’s inline with their need for a fresh breath in the political space hence, the overwhelming support” Babawale added.

Push News 24 International reports that as the ruling All Progressives Congress APC opens nominations forms collection several aspirants have also gone ahead to purchase their expression of intent and nomination forms.

Push News 24 International …we speak your mind!

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PUSH NEWS 24 INTERNATIONAL : April 25th, 2022

Prince Olamilekan Ojo Martins


As all is getting set for political parties to conduct their primaries as various aspirants under different political platforms have started scheming through various clandestine means to woo party delegates towards becoming candidates of their parties.

Expectedly, the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) which is at the center of Ikorodu Division governance is not left out of the frenzy.

Party stalwart and former LGA Youth Leader of Ikorodu West LCDA, Prince Olalekan Ojo Martins has reacted to the passived marginalisation of Ikorodu West LCDA in the scheme of political nominations and appointment in Lagos State.

Bebenlo as he is fondly called flared a situation where Ikorodu West is seen as a mere additional catchment area of some desperate politicians in the division who would rather patronise the LCDA to score political patronage.

It’s unfortunate that Ikorodu West LCDA has not benefitted directly from any major State appointment despite contributing largely to the center”

Our people are given crumbs during every political season and used as instruments of cheap political maneuvering, this will no longer continue as our people are wiser” he said

Martins sighted the lopsidedness in State appointments, House of Representatives and moreso in the front burner is the Lagos State House of Assembly Constituency 1 which has been at the fiery advantage of Ikorodu Central despite quality aspirants from Ikorodu West over the years.

Enough of the monopoly of Constituency 1 Assembly, enough of the rhetorics other LCDA’s are stakeholders and must be given the opportunity just like Constituency 2 has maintained a steady progress” Martins said.

Push News 24 International can confirm that aspirants from Ikorodu West LCDA are living no stone unturned in ensuring a free and fair primaries is held, indicating readiness that the status quo will no longer remain.

The Chattered PR practitioner also stated that definite strategies are ongoing to ensure Ikorodu West LCDA delegates and stakeholders supports only candidates from the LCDA and ensuring that members of the enlarged community key into the mantra of dismantling the structures of desperate politicians.

Push News 24 International …we speak your mind

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PUSH NEWS 24 INTERNATIONAL: April 11th, 2022


Newly inaugurated Supervisors in Ikorodu West LCDA in Lagos State have been tasked to serve and conduct the affairs of their people with the fear of God and employ the virtues of probity, accountability and transparency as their watch word. 

In an exclusive chat with Push News 24 International during the swear-in ceremony of Ikorodu West LCDA Supervisors, this act according to a former LGA Officer of the LCDA , Hon. Babawale Bisiriyu Alogba has become imperative with a view to attract divine guidance that would help them succeed in the task ahead of them. 

Alogba who is arguably the most popular choice for Ikorodu Constituency 1, Seat in the Lagos State House of Assembly (LAHA) come 2023 believed that capacity development and the adoption of such noble attributes would earn them the continued support and confidence of the electorates. 

“It has become highly imperative for all those appointed or elected to strive hard to uphold the trust and confidence given to them freely by the people and make the fear of God and transparency their guiding light in order to succeed in the task ahead of them,” he stressed. 

The banker turned politician further advised the Supervisors to always ensure synergy with the Councilors and work in harmony so that they can collectively bring about developmental activities that would take the people to the next level of peace, unity and economic prosperity. 

Alogba further admonished all members of the new cabinet to always endeavor to treat all manners of people with dignity, decorum and respect while carrying out their responsibilities because their duties are simply to serve the people diligently in accordance with their oath of office. 

To the members of Ikorodu West LCDA community, he appealed for continued support, co-operation and understanding from all party faithfuls and residents stressing that they should keep it at the back of their minds that the Executive Chairman cannot do everything for them. 

Alogba also congratulated the Council boss, Hon. Sulaimon for his resounding victory at the polls and urged him to continue to see the mandate given to him by the people of Ikorodu West LCDA as an opportunity to serve them diligently so as to engrave his name in gold. 

Meanwhile, the Glassgow MSc in International Banking and Finance graduate reiterated that his decision to legislate in 2023 on behalf of Ikorodu Constituency 1 is premised on the fact that the people need a more inclusive representation and he is poise to provide that pathway through fresh perspectives. 

Push News 24 International …we speak your mind! 

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PUSH NEWS 24 INTERNATIONAL : December 25th, 2021

Hon Deola Banjo, Ikorodu North Council Boss

ikorodu North Council boss, Hon Deola Banjo have canvassed for a peaceful coexistence amongst all residents of Ikorodu North Local Council Development Area of Lagos State.

Banjo’s goodwill message was made available to Push News 24 International on the 25th December 2021 as Christians all over the world celebrate the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Certified Builder turned politician admonished residents to share and show love with one another in the spirit of the season which are the attributes Jesus Christ represents and teaches while on earth.

Below is the goodwill message as received by Push News 24 International


As Christmas indicates good tidings of hope and redemption, we should all look forward to a better community with peaceful coexistence.

I felicitate with our Christian brothers and sisters in particular, and all the good people of Ikorodu North LCDA on the joyous occasion of Christmas this year.

As Christendom commemorates the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, I enjoin all the good people of Ikorodu North LCDA to imbibe and demonstrate the essence of the season of love, giving, sharing, strengthening the bonds of brotherhood, good neighbourliness and focusing on all that bind us together as one entity.

Celebrating the spirit and virtues of Christmas need not be a one-day affair, but rather, ought to continue into the New Year.

I therefore, urge everyone to shun all actions which negate the spirit of this prosperous season.

May we all continue to have good reasons to celebrate in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.


Push News 24 International …we speak your mind!

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PUSH NEWS 24 INTERNATIONAL : December 4, 2021


Princess Adenrele Ogunsanya

A former Secretary to the Lagos State Government and a leader of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Ikorodu Local Government Area, Princess Adenrele Adeniran Ogunsanya, has publicly declared and identified with the People Democratic Party (PDP) confirming rumours of her earlier romance with her former political party, the PDP.

Push News 24 International confirmed her presence at the formal recognition of her group the Lagos4Lagos Movement at an event in Lagos on Saturday which signalled the formal acceptance and recognition of the group as part of the PDP by the former Senate President, Senator Bukola Saraki.

Adenrele in one of the Lagos4Lagos Press Conference

Speaking at the event in company of the groups governorship candidate and other executives, Princess Denrele who sits at the top of the Board of Trustees of the Lagos4Lagos Movement said there’s need for fairness and justice in any party and the PDP represents what her group need to achieve their aspirations.

Flanked by the lead convener of Lagos4Lagos, Abdul-Azeez Olajide Adediran popularly known as Jandor, Senator Bukola Saraki, Director of Media and Strategy, Lagos4Lagos, Seun Soyinka and the Central Coordinator, Funke Ijaiyekunle, Denrele said a lot of people are not happy with what’s happening in Lagos where one man controls everything, and people are afraid to challenge the status quo, “that can no-longer be accepted”.

Aderenle who herself was said to be a beneficiary of what she so condemned defected initially from the PDP to the APC where the same god-fathers of Lagos politics imposed her on the members of the party as SSG despite other existing qualified persons, says she has confidence in the leadership of Jandor to return Lagos State to it’s rightful place, hence, her decision to endorse the groups movement to the PDP.

Despite several denials of the real intensions of the Lagos4Lagos Movement over their anti-party activities while in the APC particularly conducting a parallel State Congress in Lagos State their antics seems to be obvious to the leadership of the party in the State who had on several occasions ignored their several threats by the group of been in the majority.

It’s only fair for a party that lay claim to being democratic as its credo to institutionalize internal democracy for all to contest without imposition of unpopular candidates“, Aderenle stressed.

Senator Saraki and Jandor at the official event recognizing Lagos4Lagos into PDP

To Denrele, She’s not happy that APC lacks internal democracy in Lagos State and only answers to the whims and caprices of one man. “I’m not so happy with what’s going on in Lagos . You are aware of what’s going on. When you are not allowed to air your views . It’s disgraceful that a state like Lagos can’t comport itself. I’m sure the National leadership of the Party are taking cognizance of what’s going on. I know something must be done right. Nobody can deny That Lagos4Lagos is the strongest group in Lagos APC. They have been issuing threats. I’m not afraid of their threats. At 73, I don’t want my children and grandchildren to ask, “ what did you do to change the system.” Millions of people in Lagos are not happy with what’s going on, but they are afraid. I came out openly to stand with Lagos4Lagos because I saw courage which is lacking in our politicians. And I saw genuine feelings for the people. I’m not looking for position, but I want Lagos to regain her pride of place.” the former SSG added.

Words on the streets has it that Princess Aderenle seems not to have been able to redeem her relationship with the APC power brokers who were not satisfied with her inglorious role during the Governor Ambode seconds term saga, hence, her decision to go for the gun powder despite been apportuned to nominate candidates in the recent local government elections in Ikorodu. Ikorodu Division have a history of always been known to have some of her leadership leave the main stream ruling party to pursue their personal ambitions; Senator Ogunlewe defected in similar manner only to return back to same party in the State.

Push News 24 International has it from a credible source that the Governor Buni led Caretaker Committee has refused to recognize the Lagos4Lagos Movement, hence, their decision to seek refuge in the PDP with the hope that Jandor will clinch the governorship candidate ticket in 2023.

With about 14 months to the general elections, Nigerians are in for an era of political innuendos.

PUSH NEWS 24 INTERNATIONAL …we speak your mind!