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PUSH NEWS 24 INTERNATIONAL: April 22nd, 2023


The socio-political public/private spheres of Ikorodu Division are awash with visible and hidden intimations of generational leadership gradual failings; facts and realities that bear no esoteric hue and that do not require the understanding and interpretation of experts and professionals of various callings. The failures of our time may translate into the complete failed status of the nation state if we fail to do the needful. 

Coming from the above background, Hon Babawale Bisiriyu Alogba who is an aspirant in the 2023 Lagos State House of Assembly, Ikorodu Constituency 1, has harped on the need for a fresh perspective as the All Progressive Congress (APC) prepares for its primaries. 

Alogba made these remarks during his speech at the consultative meeting held with stakeholders and some delegates of Ikorodu Constituency 1. 

“I am humbled by this rare show of love and genuine support for me. With what I am seeing here today, I can boldly say Ikorodu is, indeed, ready to usher in the change and a fresh perspective that will transform the constituency. This warm welcome means I have been accepted and commissioned to proceed”. 

“With all humility, I want to assure you that I am motivated and ready for the challenges ahead. I want to promise that by God’s grace and with your support, I will provide a fresh platform for effective and responsive legislation. “I am ready to go the extra mile to ensure your rights are protected and by extension, all Lagosian being my larger constituency”

My priority is to be your voice and creating the enabling opportunities and environment for the good people of Ikorodu Constituency to reap the dividends of democracy in Lagos and Nigeria at large.” Alogba promised. 

Hon Babawale also said “Political activities in Nigerian context have been relegated to election periods which unfortunately happens in every 4-year, after expiration of a tenure in a democracy. Imperatively so, for re-assessment of performances Ikorodu Constituency 1 is not an exception and in order to address this melee there is need for fusion of fresh ideas and perspectives to legislative representation in 2023.”  

The banker turned politician said he will establish a nexus between all stakeholders in the community thereby promoting Good Governance and Sustainable National/State Development through motions relevant to current realities. 

“I am here to sensitize us ahead of time, the All Progressives Congress, APC, in Lagos State as a party is built on providing dividends of democracy to the people and Ikorodu Constituency 1 must not be schemed out, Ikorodu needs a representative without any baggage” 
It is sacrosanct to mention or perhaps reiterate the obvious that keeping constant touch with the constituents begot preferential attachment in the sub-consciousness of the people especially when it involves legislative activities that bring succor to hard-times and affecting lives positively” 

Push News 24 International can confirm that Alogba’s fresh perspectives strategy as a legislator is premised on 8 major characteristics. It is participatory, consensus oriented, accountable, transparent, responsive, effective and efficient, equitable and inclusive, and follows the rule of law. The Ikorodu born believes good governance is responsive to the present and future needs of any community, exercises prudence in policy-setting and decision-making, and in the context in which the best interests of all citizens and critical stakeholders are taken into account. 

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PUSH NEW 24 INTERNATIONAL: April 12th, 2022


The Banking Investment Expert turned politician and Ikorodu Constituency 1 aspirant on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC) , Hon Babawale Alogba, has said that he is not intimidated by the high number of party bigwigs joining the 2023 legislative race and he is confident to be the party candidate in 2023. 

This is as he claimed he is not deterred by any consensus arrangement as he stands a chance to emerge as the party’s flag bearer no matter the election process deployed. 

Alogba said: “If consensus is going to be the option, I don’t think APC will go outside Babawale Alogba, and even if other considerations are put forward whether direct or indirect primaries, Babawale Alogba is the man to beat. I am confident, I trust God Almighty, and I trust the judgment of the leadership and members of the party who are urging me on.” 

“I am not intimidated, my pedigree, profile, experience and exposure stands me out amongst the lot, because it is not just about what you have achieved in the past. It’s going to be what you are doing now and what you can do for the Constituency from 2023.”. 

Alogba said this to the media in Ikorodu after a consultative meeting with the Justice Forum (JF) Caucus of the APC who received him with overwhelming joy. 

This claim comes a day after stakeholders of the party are in an uproar over the high number of aspirants gunning for the top seat. “ 

On his chances of emerging as the APC’s flag bearer in next year’s general elections if the party toes the path of consensus , he said 

“I have also garnered some experiences as an LGA Executive for two terms and as a youth growing up I have been able to see governance at very close markings. My Constituency supporters are in the majority, So, I am very confident that I will be going to do a great job for my Constituency come 2023.”  

“….. I am competent, have capacity, patriotic, a unifier, or a bridge builder. He said. 

Alogba further told Push News 24 International “1 know the body language of Ikorodu Constituency 1,  The party is aware that the youth and women are clamoring for that person who is coming to give a responsible and responsive representation”. 

 “They are aware of that man who is coming to build on the achievements of the outgoing Member who have served a fourth term; they know who Constituency 1 residents are clamouring for and they know who is acceptable both in the Ikorodu North, Ikorodu West and the Ikorodu Central, both by Muslims and Christians, even pagans and non-believers. they know that man that is coming to turn the socio-political and economic fortunes of our communities around through effective legislation. 

 “They know the man that speaks the mind of the youths, aged, and less privilege and that man is Babawale Alogba   

The Ikorodu born maintained the optimism that he was most favoured to clinch the APC ticket for 2023 Ikorodu Constituency 1.

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PUSH NEWS 24 INTERNATIONAL: April 11th, 2022


Newly inaugurated Supervisors in Ikorodu West LCDA in Lagos State have been tasked to serve and conduct the affairs of their people with the fear of God and employ the virtues of probity, accountability and transparency as their watch word. 

In an exclusive chat with Push News 24 International during the swear-in ceremony of Ikorodu West LCDA Supervisors, this act according to a former LGA Officer of the LCDA , Hon. Babawale Bisiriyu Alogba has become imperative with a view to attract divine guidance that would help them succeed in the task ahead of them. 

Alogba who is arguably the most popular choice for Ikorodu Constituency 1, Seat in the Lagos State House of Assembly (LAHA) come 2023 believed that capacity development and the adoption of such noble attributes would earn them the continued support and confidence of the electorates. 

“It has become highly imperative for all those appointed or elected to strive hard to uphold the trust and confidence given to them freely by the people and make the fear of God and transparency their guiding light in order to succeed in the task ahead of them,” he stressed. 

The banker turned politician further advised the Supervisors to always ensure synergy with the Councilors and work in harmony so that they can collectively bring about developmental activities that would take the people to the next level of peace, unity and economic prosperity. 

Alogba further admonished all members of the new cabinet to always endeavor to treat all manners of people with dignity, decorum and respect while carrying out their responsibilities because their duties are simply to serve the people diligently in accordance with their oath of office. 

To the members of Ikorodu West LCDA community, he appealed for continued support, co-operation and understanding from all party faithfuls and residents stressing that they should keep it at the back of their minds that the Executive Chairman cannot do everything for them. 

Alogba also congratulated the Council boss, Hon. Sulaimon for his resounding victory at the polls and urged him to continue to see the mandate given to him by the people of Ikorodu West LCDA as an opportunity to serve them diligently so as to engrave his name in gold. 

Meanwhile, the Glassgow MSc in International Banking and Finance graduate reiterated that his decision to legislate in 2023 on behalf of Ikorodu Constituency 1 is premised on the fact that the people need a more inclusive representation and he is poise to provide that pathway through fresh perspectives. 

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