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PUSH NEWS 24 INTERNATIONAL: November 11th, 2022


The South Eastern cultural group Ndi Igbo members in the All Progressives Congress (APC ), which is an integral pressure group in the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) Amuwo Odofin Chapter has reiterated her unflinching support for the electoral victory of all the APC candidates in Amuwo Odofin Federal Constituency as the last days of the 2023 general elections close -up.

In the quaterly meeting of the group which was held on the 11th of November, 2022 at 22 road, FESTAC Town which was attended by the entire leadership and members of the Ndigbo in APC.

According to the Secretary of the group, Rapheal Ikechukwu in a release said the agenda of the meeting was the resensitization of the South Eastern indigenes of the party on their commitments to the APC taking into cognisance the forthcoming elections in 2023.

The Coordinator, Hon Cecil Okereke who is the generic leader of Igbos in the APC, spoke vehemently about the need to use their numerically strength positively charging them to begin mass mobilization and canvassing for support to all the party candidates, even as we face the crucial phase of the 2003 campaigns. The Igbo leader re-affirmed his believe and commitment to loyalty, transparency and proactive leadership tenets to lead the group towards achieving their objectives.

Other leaders of the group present also made remarks – Mr Ejike advise on the need to work in unison if any meaningful result will be achieved while Mrs Ada Nikki Igwe alluring the need for cohesiveness and unity of the group.

The All Progressive Congress (APC), Lagos State House of Assembly Candidate, Hon Folorunsho Olaitan (Ola Western) who was in attendance admonished the Igbo’s to embrace unity and jettison unnecessary rivalry both in Ohaneze and the party. He stressed on the need for dialogue and understanding among the indigenous Igbo people in Amuwo Odofin Federal. He reminisced that it was time Ndi Igbo to demonstrate the pledged dedication to the party by visibly changing the impression that people from South East extraction will vote against the ruling party in Lagos State.

The CEO of Olawestern construction noted that in previous elections this pattern of voting had denied the APC in Amuwo Odofin and the electorate goodies and a significant percentage of the dividends accrued to the constituency from the State and Federal levels of government.

Christened “Ebuka” by his Igbo fans, Olawestern, emphasized on the cogent reasons why Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Shettima Presidential ticket should be conscientiously and meritoriously voted into office alongside the Governorship, Senatorial, House of Representative and State House of Assembly Candidates for Constituency 1 and 2 in Amuwo Odofin.

One of the vital points the Assembly faithful highlighted was the legacy project of the surge from the Atlantic Ocean which was threatening to submerge Lagos perennially but was ingeniously arrested by the Asiwaju administration by laying the template which not only stopped the perceived catastrophy , but converted the area reclaimed to a high brow infrastructural scheme of international standards earning huge revenue for both the State and Federal governments.

The Construction Expert also reminded Ndigbo of Asiwaju’s pedigree of all inclusiveness in government which he demonstrated while in office as the executive governor of Lagos State. He reassured the South Easterners that Asiwaju would be a President who will rebuild Nigeria because of his detribalized disposition and commitment to the development of human capital.

The in-coming legislator informed the group, he had influenced the approved rehabilitation of the seven roads in Amuwo Odofin through the office of Governor Babajide Sanwo Olu while awaiting formal election into office .

Olawestern whioe concluding emphasized on the need for ensuring victory for the party candidates and ensuring that people are encouraged to collect their permanent voters card and exercise their electoral franchise .

In his concluding remarks, Hon Chukwuemeka Nwachukwu aka Sacramento who is an executive of the group, assured the incoming legislator of victory in all polls,

” the APC was posed to win elections by issue based campaigns and not frivolities and sentiments based on hype to deceive the electorate , weaponizing social media hype as a tool of disenchantment peculiar with opposition parties.”

Sacramento thanked Ola Western for the support he has given the group and assured on the ensuring the mobilization of all Ndigbo in Amuwo Odofin Federal Constituency towards achieving victory in the 2023 elections