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PUSH NEWS 24 INTERNATIONAL : November 28th, 2021

HRM Oba Aderemi Adelola, Otikirimisi 1, Ajobu of Araromi-Obu Kingdom


Saturday, 27th November, 2021, would remain a memorable day to a highly revered and respected monarch in Ondo State, Nigeria, HRM Oba Aderemi Adelola, Otikirimisi 1, the Ajobu of Araromi-Obu Kingdom, as it was the day he celebrated his 80th birthday amidst pomp and pageantry with Araromi-Obu Kingdom citizens worldwide.

The rather quiet community in Odigbo Local Government Area became lively as citizens of the community and residents from all works of life trooped out to honour their King in the week long celebrations which climaxed with a grand reception.

This year’s celebration is significant in the history of the palace since Ọba Adelola became the Ajobu as several sons and daughters were all geared in various attires in celebrations and gave goodwill messages.

Bishop H.A. Prince, of the Aderibole Ruling House who is UK based, has felicitated with the Ajobu of Araromi-Obu, as he celebrates eight decades on earth.

Prince, in a statement made available to Push News 24 International, said he rejoice with the first class ruler, who he said has been blessed by God with longevity of life. He described the Ajobu as a worthy custodian of Araromi-Obu culture and heritage and a good ambassador of the Yoruba race.

The statement said in part: “I rejoice with you as it has pleased the almighty God to give you long life and good health to spend on earth and on the revered throne.

You have been a worthy custodian of the Araromi-Obu culture and tradition and have positively projected this all over the world. As your fame has soared globally, so also has the Yoruba nation, its culture, tradition and continuities in the diaspora soared.

You have been an intrepid warrior, defending Araromi-Obu Kingdom interests, values and people from national and international assault. You have stood against injustice and have promoted good governance, justice, equity and other values that make an Omoluabi, the quintessential Yoruba person.

“Kabiyesi, May you reign long on the throne of your fathers and may your tribe never diminish in the land. Happy birthday Kabiyesi, Igba Odun, Odun kan ni o.”

In the same vein the Secretary of the Adenikinju Royal Dynasty, Pastor Emmanuel Ojo, also congratulated the Ajobu on his 80th birthday.

Ojo said the Royal Father has been a great leader with an extraordinary personality.

His words: “Our Royal Father was an accomplished bureaucrat and legal luminary has brought his touch of finnese and excellence to the royal stool.

Baba is an embodiment of brilliance, humanitarianism and vision, who has made remarkable marks in his four scores on planet earth.

“On behalf of my family and members of the Adenikinju Desendants, we salute our King for leading us purposefully over the years”.

Bishop R.A. Prince

Baba is young at 80, an exemplary Royal Father who brought dignity and respect to royalty. It is our prayer that he will continue to celebrate many more decades in good health and prosperity for him and the land. Kade o pelori, ki bata o pelese, Kabiyesi ooooo”, he added.

United States based Prince Olalekan Martins Ojo in his own remarks prayed to God to continue to grant Kabiyesi good health to lead the people right.

He said: “Kabiyesi, we celebrate you as you mark another year of your eventful and impactful life.

You are a father and royal icon of exemplary conduct in our society.

“I join Araromi-Obu Citizens in diaspora, well wishers and numerous subjects to pray that God continues to enable you with wisdom and sound health and assure you more positive impacts on humanity, your domain, Ondo State and Nigeria as a whole.

Happy Birthday, Kabiyesi.”

Part of the activities of the celebrations was the bestowing of Chieftancy titles to eminent and deserving person help at the palace.

Push News 24 International confirms at the grand finale the presence of several dignitaries across the socio-political class, traditional and religious rulers amongst others who graced the event.

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