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PUSH NEWS 24 COMMUNITY : December 30th, 2023

Senior wardens and agency leadership gathered at Carolina Creek for the 2023 Senior Warden Leadership Forum

Senior Warden Adam R. Gonzales Named Warden of the Year

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) is proud to announce that Senior Warden Adam R. Gonzales of the William P. Clements Unit has been selected as the 2023 Warden of the Year.

Each year, regional directors nominate wardens who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, mentorship, vision, and statistical performance. The nominations undergo a rigorous review process by the Correctional Institutions Division (CID) deputy division directors and the CID director for final approval.

According to Lonnie “L.E.” Townsend, Region V director, Warden Gonzales consistently displayed an ambitious drive to incorporate new and innovative approaches in correctional facility operations.

“Under his leadership, the Clements Unit became the first unit in TDCJ to implement an Earned Incentive Housing Area. This unique housing area rewards inmates with outstanding behavior and provides motivation for others to strive for positive change,” Townsend said.

“Furthermore, Warden Gonzales encourages his staff to adapt successful programs from various facilities across the state and country to meet the specific needs of the incarcerated population at the Clements Unit. By combining traditional correctional tactics with modern understanding and theories, he aims to promote public safety, facilitate positive inmate behavior change, support inmate reintegration into society, and assist victims of crime.”

Executive Director Bryan Collier added, “Warden Gonzalez is one of many outstanding wardens serving TDCJ, and he is worthy of the honor he has received. His commitment to fostering a safe and innovative environment that promotes rehabilitation sets a standard for excellence within our agency.”

Gonzales is a 25-year veteran of the TDCJ. He began his career as a correctional officer and promoted through the ranks by serving the agency in the capacities of sergeant, lieutenant, captain, major, and assistant warden of several facilities. Gonzales received his Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice with honors from Ashworth University in 2017.

“I was truly honored and overwhelmed with emotions on being announced as the 2023 Warden of the Year,” Gonzalez said. “As I was presented the award, I could only think of the countless staff who made this acknowledgement happen. I was grateful to my lovely wife for supporting me in my career and the mentors who invested in me over the years.”