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PUSH NEWS 24 INTERNATIONAL : February 23rd, 2024

Diaspora Dynamics: Unleashing the Potential of Nigerian Expats for Economic Advancement

In an increasingly interconnected world, the role of diaspora communities in contributing to their home countries’ development cannot be overstated. Among these global citizens, Nigerian expatriates stand out for their potential to drive economic advancement back home.” these were the words of Akile of Okun-Ade, Yoruba African Kingdom in Dallas, TX, HRM Oba Abimbola Akile Balogun.

Oba Abimbola in his reaction to Push News 24 International questions on the high cost of living in Nigeria delve into the dynamics of the Nigerian diaspora and explores how their talents and resources can be harnessed for national progress.

While unveiling their potential: Nigeria boasts a vast diaspora scattered across the globe, with millions of Nigerians residing in countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and others. Beyond their numbers, Oba Akile said “Nigerian expatriates possess a wealth of skills, expertise, and financial resources that can be instrumental in propelling the country’s economic growth.”

The revered traditional ruler stressed that “One of the most tangible ways Nigerian expats can contribute to economic advancement is through secured investment and entrepreneurship.”

“Many members of the diaspora have established successful businesses abroad and possess the knowledge and capital to initiate ventures back home. From technology startups to agricultural initiatives, these investments have the potential to create jobs, stimulate innovation, and drive overall economic expansion.”

Concerned about the need of Knowledge Transfer and Capacity Building, His Rolyal Majesty was quoted as saying ” in addition to financial contributions, Nigerian expatriates play a crucial role in knowledge transfer and capacity building. Through mentorship programs, partnerships with local institutions, and participation in educational initiatives, diaspora members can facilitate the transfer of skills and expertise in various sectors, including healthcare, education, and technology. By nurturing talent and empowering local communities, they contribute to building a more robust and competitive workforce”.

According to Akile Diaspora Engagement Initiatives have been one of the areas where his kingdom and members of the Yoruba African Community have created a platform for recognizing the importance of diaspora engagement.

Push News 24 International reports that the Nigerian government and various organizations have launched initiatives to tap into the potential of Nigerian expatriates. These include investment forums, networking events, and policy frameworks aimed at facilitating remittances, easing business regulations, and fostering collaboration between diaspora members and local stakeholders. Such initiatives create avenues for dialogue, partnership, and collective action toward shared development goals.Challenges and Opportunities.

Oba Abimbola also painstakingly said that despite their immense potential, Nigerian expatriates face challenges in fully harnessing their contributions to economic advancement. These include bureaucratic hurdles, regulatory barriers, and concerns about political instability and security risks. Addressing these challenges requires concerted efforts from both the Nigerian government and diaspora communities to create an enabling environment for investment, entrepreneurship, and collaboration.

As Nigeria charts its path toward economic advancement and prosperity, leveraging the potential of its diaspora emerges as a strategic imperative. By tapping into the talents, resources, and networks of Nigerian expatriates, the country can unlock new opportunities for growth, innovation, and inclusive development.

Oba Akile concluded ny saying “With continued collaboration and engagement, the Nigerian diaspora stands poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the nation’s future economic landscape.”

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PUSH NEWS 24 INTERNATIONAL : January 1st, 2024


The Akile of Iga Okunade in Dallas,Texas , HRM Oba Abimbola Akile Balogun, had while celebrating the yuletide holidays and New Year has admonished Nigerians in Diaspora to emulate the life of Jesus Christ who is an embodiment of forgiveness and good conducts

In a statement by his palace spokesman, Oba Abimbola praised Nigerians for their resilience in facing and surmounting of the daunting challenges in the past year as they sojourn outside Nigeria.

“As good ambassadors, the end of the year 2023 and the beginning of a new one provides us all with an opportunity for reflection and introspection, as well as to plan,” he said in the statement. “But most importantly, it is a time to give thanks to the Almighty God for the gift and for his care and provision to all of us.”

The US based royal father, urged Nigerians to show optimism and be encouraged by the fact that Iga Okunade’s Oba-in-Council and other key stakeholders would not relent in sustaining the ongoing peaceful co-existence with their host country and would provide the needed support to Nigerians with the aim of improving the general well-being of our people.

“The year 2023 was no doubt challenging,” he said. “But I’m happy our people rose to the occasion and triumphed in their various fields of endeavor. The lessons of the past year will serve as a useful instrument that will guide us to fruition in the years ahead.”

Oba Akile thanked the Yoruba African Community and other distinguished persons who stood by him through thick and thin, promising that their interest, welfare, and well-being would remain his firm commitment, mission, and purpose throughout his reign as a custodian of the Yoruba Heritage.

He assured Nigerians in the United States that his reign would continue to support and implement policies, programmes, and projects that have a direct and positive impact on them.

The traditional ruler, however, urged the people to be vigilant against saboteurs who have continued to wreck the good image of Nigeria abroad.

He encouraged individuals and groups to cooperate and participate in all activities initiated by the Yoruba African Kingdom in Texas with the aim of preserving our culture, globalizing our heritage, and upholding our norms and traditional inclinations ”.

For the royal father, this is necessary to ensure that as we integrate and interact with our chosen environments, we do not lose our ancestral values.