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Nigerians are enrolled in more than 1,000 institutions in 51 states and territories in the United States, out of which eighteen percent are studying in Texas.
Data shows that Nigerians are the most educated in the U.S.

Although they make up a tiny portion of the U.S. population, a whopping 17 percent of all Nigerians in this country held master’s degrees while 4 percent had a doctorate, according to the 2006 American Community Survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau. In addition, 37 percent had bachelor’s degrees.

To put those numbers in perspective, 8 percent of the white population in the U.S. had master’s degrees, according to the Census survey. And 1 percent held doctorates. About 19 percent of white residents had bachelor’s degrees. Asians come closer to the Nigerians with 12 percent holding master’s degrees and 3 percent having doctorates.

The Nigerian numbers are “strikingly high,” said Roderick Harrison, demographer at the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, a Washington, D.C., think tank that specializes in researching black issues. “There is no doubt that these are highly educated professionals who are probably working in the petrochemical, medical and business sectors in Houston.”

Stephen Klineberg, a sociologist at Rice University who conducts the annual Houston Area Survey, suspects the percentage of Nigerian immigrants with post-graduate degrees is higher than Census data shows.

Of all the Nigerian immigrants he reached in his random phone surveys 1994 through 2007 — 45 households total — Klineberg said 40 percent of the Nigerians said they had post-graduate degrees.

“These are higher levels of educational attainment than were found in any other … community,” Klineberg said.

There are more than 12,000 Nigerians in Houston, according to the latest Census data, a figure sociologists and Nigerian community leaders say is a gross undercount. They believe the number to be closer to 100,000.

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As the U.S. Black population grows, so does its diversity. Since 1980, the number of Black immigrants has more than quadrupled, reaching a record 3.8 million living in the U.S. today. Black immigrants now account for 8.7% of the nation’s Black population, or one in every 11 Blacks, which is nearly triple their 3.1% share in 1980.

The Black immigrant population is diverse. While the Caribbean
population accounts for almost 50% of Black immigrants, African immigrants are driving recent growth. African immigrants now account for more than a third (36%) of the total foreign-born U.S. Black population, up from 7% in 1980 and up from 24% in 2000.

Nigeria and Ethiopia are the African countries with the greatest numbers of immigrants arriving in the U.S. Smaller growth is also coming from European countries.

A surge in the Black immigrant population will continue. By 2060, the U.S. Census predicts that one out of every six U.S. Blacks, or 16.5%, will be immigrants

Ft. Bend County Black Foreign Born Statistics
Total Population 15,493
Africa [69.2% or 10,721]
Latin America [22.2% or 3,495]
Europe [6.2% or 960]


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