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A contemporary man is not the first to enjoy unrestrained love and loyalty from his wife. In the past, countless men successfully obtained the heart of their wives, treasuring it to the point of speechlessly compelling these women to give their best. For Prince Lanre A. Sanusi (PLS), All Progressives Congress (APC) Chieftain and Boardroom guru, having a wife like Dr Omolara A. Sanusi is the “blessing of many lifetimes”.

Push News 24 International reports that while commemorating his wife’s big-day he said “In recent times, Dr Omolara has demonstrated her matchless love for me , her husband and family. Despite being a fairly reserved person, the lady has never blushed to tell the world that her heart belongs to her husband and that she takes him more seriously than anything else. When she recently took it upon herself to celebrate our conjugal years together as a man and wife, people were not surprised that she gave her best”.

Describing her personae, Sanusi said ” Truth be told, Lara’s things are always colourful and deliberate”.

“Lara is a very understanding woman, she takes every opportunity to celebrate and honour her family, while also wowing the public into celebrating her. And even though she does not make as much noise as her peers, the deluge of goodwill that has accompanied her yearly birthday established that her doings in business, career in the health care industry and other spaces have started entering the books of other people, many of whom would be content in following her to learn how to be a successful wife to a very involving husband”

“Describe her as an epitome of integrity, beauty, and dexterity, and you are just stating the obvious about this woman of many parts”

“Her peers describe her as a humble, passionate advocate of peaceful co-existence and non-violence, Dr Omolara was in her element during the celebration of her modest 45th birthday. Her achievements and contributions to the nursing and health Care industry as it affects humanity in her over 20 years of public and private service career have been recognized with various honours home and abroad”.

Sanusi noted that his wife’s sincerity of purpose, meticulous handling of sensitive issues, and capacity to share her vision and carry others along easily pedestal her for greater heights.

PLS while wishing her many fruitful years ahead, took the opportunity to also address his Amuwo Odofin Constituency

“I remain truly committed to my values of improving lives for my constituents and Nigerians at large” he said.

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PUSH NEWS 24 INTERNATIONAL: March 23rd, 2023

Nigerian politician, wife, and a doctor guilty of organ trafficking to UK
Three convicted of conspiring to exploit a man for his kidney in first verdict of its kind under Modern Slavery Act.

A senior Nigerian politician, his wife, and a doctor have been convicted of organ trafficking, in the first verdict of its kind under the Modern Slavery Act.

Ike Ekweremadu, 60, a former deputy president of the Nigerian senate, his wife, Beatrice, 56, and Dr Obinna Obeta, 51, were found guilty of facilitating the travel of a young man to Britain with a view to his exploitation after a six-week trial at the Old Bailey.

They criminally conspired to bring the 21-year-old Lagos street trader to London to exploit him for his kidney, the jury found.

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had been offered an illegal reward to become a donor for the senator’s daughter after kidney disease forced her to drop out of a master’s degree in film at Newcastle University, the court heard. Sonia Ekweremadu was found not guilty.

She cried in court as her parents were sent down from the dock.

In February 2022 the man was falsely presented to a private renal unit at Royal Free hospital in London as Sonia’s cousin in a failed attempt to persuade medics to carry out an £80,000 transplant. For a fee, a medical secretary at the hospital acted as an Igbo translator between the man and the doctors to help try to convince them he was an altruistic donor, the court heard.

The prosecutor Hugh Davies KC told the court the Ekweremadus and Obeta had treated the man and other potential donors as “disposable assets – spare parts for reward”. He said they entered an “emotionally cold commercial transaction” with the man.

The behaviour of Ekweremadu, a successful lawyer and founder of an anti-poverty charity who helped draw up Nigeria’s laws against organ trafficking, showed “entitlement, dishonesty and hypocrisy”, Davies told the jury.

He said Ekweremadu, who owns several properties and had a staff of 80, “agreed to reward someone for a kidney for his daughter – somebody in circumstances of poverty and from whom he distanced himself and made no inquiries, and with whom, for his own political protection, he wanted no direct contact”.

Davies added: “What he agreed to do was not simply expedient in the clinical interests of his daughter, Sonia, it was exploitation, it was criminal. It is no defence to say he acted out of love for his daughter. Her clinical needs cannot come at the expense of the exploitation of somebody in poverty.”

Ekweremadu, who denied the charge, told the court he was the victim of a scam. Obeta, who also denied the charge, claimed the man was not offered a reward for his kidney and was acting altruistically. Beatrice denied any knowledge of the alleged conspiracy. Sonia did not give evidence.

WhatsApp messages showed to the court revealed Obeta charged Ekweremadu 4.5m naira (about £8,000) made up of an “agent fee” and a “donor fee”.

Ekweremadu and Obeta admitted falsely claiming the man was Sonia’s cousin in his visa application and in documents presented to the hospital.

Davies said Ekweremadu ignored medical advice to find a donor for his daughter among genuine family members. He said: “At no point in time was there ever any intention for a family member close, medium or distant to do what could be paid for from a pool of donors.”

The judge, Mr Justice Jeremy Johnson, will pass sentence on 5 May.

The chief crown prosecutor, Joanne Jakymec, said: “This was a horrific plot to exploit a vulnerable victim by trafficking him to the UK for the purpose of transplanting his kidney.

“The convicted defendants showed utter disregard for the victim’s welfare, health and wellbeing and used their considerable influence to a high degree of control throughout, with the victim having limited understanding of what was really going on here.”

DI Esther Richardson, from the Metropolitan police’s modern slavery and exploitation command, said: “This is a landmark conviction and we commend the victim for his bravery in speaking against these offenders.”

• This story was corrected on 23 March to reflect the fact that Sonia Ekweremadu was found not guilty in the case.

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PUSH NEWS 24 INTERNATIONAL: January 18th, 2023


The All Progressives Congress (APC), House of Representatives Candidate, Prince Lanre A. Sanusi has promised to strengthen and liase with the necessary stakeholders to ensure every part of the Disability Act is enforced.

Sanusi made this remarks when he interacted with members of the Amuwo Odofin Branch of the Spinal Cord Injury Association of Nigeria with a strength of over 800 registered members.

Worried about the need to address the challenges of persons with disability Sanusi said ” In Nigeria, as in many countries, the journey to achieving disability-inclusive development has not been without challenges. After ratifying the UNCRPD in 2007 and the optional protocols in 2011, it took 12 years of relentless advocacy work for Nigeria to finally get a disability act in place, I will ensure its provisions are effective to the latter”.

There is therefore need to take into account and to address their concerns in all policy-making and programming. Special measures are needed at all levels to integrate them into the mainstream of development“.

My legislative pursuit therefore is conceived to provide the much-needed voice and lead a movement that champions a more organized and strategic response to disability issues with a development mindset in Nigeria”.

The high point of the event was when members of the Association unanimously identified with the PLS mandate to the Green Chamber, adorning themselves with PLS Souvenirs as a mark of solidarity.

The Awori born philanthropist thanked the group for their support and also used the event to support members of the Association in cash and kind.

Push News 24 reports that on January 23, Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari signed into law the Discrimination Against Persons with Disabilities (Prohibition) Act, 2018, following 9 years of relentless advocacy by disability rights groups and activists.

According to the World Health Organization’s 2011 World Disability Report, about 15 percent of Nigeria’s population, or at least 25 million people, have a disability. Many of them face a number of human rights abuses including stigma, discrimination, violence, and lack of access to healthcare, housing, and education.

Nigeria ratified the United Nations Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities (CRPD) in 2007 and its Optional Protocol in 2010. Since then, civil society groups and people with disabilities have called on the government and relevant stakeholders to put it into practice.

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LASEPA Gets 1st ISO-Certified Laboratory in Nigeria

…As Sanwo-Olu Restates Commitment to Environmental Protection

Lagos State Government has recorded another first in its environmental protection drive and in setting pace for good governance with the establishment of the first ISO certified government-owned laboratory in Nigeria by the Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency, LASEPA.

Speaking during the official commissioning of the ultra-modern Laboratory located within the premises of LASEPA on Friday, the State Governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-olu said that the upgraded and re-equipped laboratory will further improve the quality of life for Lagosians.

Represented by the Commissioner for The Environment and Water Resources at the event, Mr. Tunji Bello, the Governor added that the event demonstrates his commitment to issues relating to the environment and the general well being of residents of the State.

According to him, the upgrading of LASEPA Laboratory became necessary as a result of the growing population of the state and the need to enhance the capacity of the Agency to effectively deliver on its core mandate of monitoring the environment for safety and sustainability.

The Governor said that he was pleased that the Laboratory earned the accreditation of the International Organization of Standardization for Quality Management System (ISO/IEC 9001) and Laboratory Management System (ISO/IEC 17025) which now makes LASEPA the first Government-owned environmental laboratory in Nigeria.

“This accreditation has given Lagos State a global recognition and acceptance as results generated from this laboratory are consistent and accurate through industry-standard protocols; and in line with best practices obtainable worldwide,” the Governor stated.

Sanwo-Olu urged the Management and Staff of LASEPA, particularly those that would be charged with the responsibility of operating this Laboratory to do so with utmost professional care and high sense of responsibility.

“The Management must also, always keep in mind that to whom much is given, much is expected in return. Our administration will continue to invest in projects that are consistent with our goal of ensuring a healthy, safe and Sustainable environment.

” As we strive to bring about a more resilient and environmentally sustainable State, we look forward to a more purpose driven partnership with local and international bodies, academic institutions, researchers and non-governmental organizations, ” Sanwo-Olu added.

Earlier, the Chairman, House of Assembly Committee on Environment, Hon. Rotimi Abiru said that the rate of human activities in all parts of the State and the huge population of residents of the State with different industries makes it compelling for Government to be deliberate about paying attention to the environment.

While saying that the initiative corroborates LASEPA’s resolve to ensure that all residents of the State have access to quality air to breath, Hon. Abiru appreciated the General Manager of the Agency and other environment-friendly stakeholders for championing the protection of the Lagos Environment.

Giving an overview of the upgraded Laboratory, the General Manager LASEPA, Dr. Dolapo Fasawe explained that the Laboratory formerly known as Laboratory Department, serving the then Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning was upgraded by Governor Sanwo-Olu.

According to her, the initiative of the ISO-certified laboratory, was in line with the present administration’s THEMES agenda which prioritizes Health and Environment, saying that the project resonates with LASEPA’s mandate of safeguarding the environmental quality of the state’s land, air and water resources.

She described the ISO-certified laboratory as a boost for the Agency’s mandate in the area of monitoring the activities of industrial, commercial and government entities in the state to ensure compliance to the environmental management laws of the state while also achieving sustainable development.

Fasawe revealed that she identified the need for an upgrade and standardization of the agency’s laboratory processes following her deployment to the agency as the General Manager and upon realization that the mandate of LASEPA borders around effective laboratory services.

In her words: “The laboratory complex was constructed thirty two years ago as a pollution control laboratory under the Governace of Raji Alagbe Rasaki, a retired brigadier general in the Nigerian Army who was the then military governor of Lagos State.

” However, during the Governor Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu regime, it metamorphosed into a full-fledged Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) laboratory with a strategic footprint, sectioned into seven different laboratory services. “

She noted that the agency would not have been able to achieve the upgrading and re-equipping of the laboratory without Governor Sanwo-Olu, who supported the initiative from incubation to completion, alongside the Commissioner for the Environment, some key members of the State Executive Council as well as some principal government officials.

The laboratory which was upgraded, through a carefully designed-work, now has a State-of-the-art environmental laboratory equipment and engineering processes according to International Standards Organisations (ISO) standards and best practices.

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PUSH NEWS 24 INTERNATIONAL : February 1st, 2022

US approaches 1,000,000 COVID deaths

The U.S. is just days away from seeing 1,000,000 deaths due to COVID-19, and a million deaths are on the horizon, public health experts said this weekend.

As of late Sunday afternoon, 884,223 people in the country had died of COVID-19, according to Johns Hopkins University data, with 74.3 million infected.

Death tolls during the current COVID-19 surge fueled by the omicron variant of the novel coronavirus are surpassing the average daily tolls from a few months ago, when the delta variant was dominating the pandemic.

“That will cause a lot of soul searching,” University of California, Irvine public health professor Andrew Noymer told USA Today of the inevitability of a million deaths. “There will be a lot of discussion about what we could have done differently, how many of the deaths were preventable.”

Deaths in the U.S. from COVID-19 have topped 2,100 a day, the highest in nearly a year, The Wall Street Journal reported Sunday. Two months ago, before omicron was detected, the seven-day average for newly reported deaths was about 1,000 less than the 2,191 reached last Monday.

While omicron appears to cause milder illness than other variants, especially delta, the sheer number of omicron patients, especially those who steadfastly refuse to get vaccinated, is driving up the totals, public health experts said.

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PUSH NEWS 24 INTERNATIONAL : January 1st, 2022.


Parents have been advise to take advantage of government’s health aid in the provision of child care and delivery services across the country and always collect their children’s birth certificates, these was the position of a grassroot philanthropist who visited the first baby 2022 in Amuwo Odofin LGA, in Lagos State.

Hon. Folorunsho Ola Western led members of Tinubu Support Organization to visit the first baby of the year-2022 at the Mother and Child Centre in Amuwo Odofin. This visit is in honour of Her Excellency, Senator Oluremi Tinubu, former first lady of Lagos State and current Senator representing Lagos East Senatorial District.

Baby Agbo, a female was delivered at the Maternal and Child Centre in Festac Town at 00:00 01/01/2022. Hon Ola Western presented baby gift items to the first baby and also provided cash for her immediate upkeep. The baby’s mother could not hide her excitement as she showered encomiums and prayers on Ola Western.

Besides, Push News 24 International confirm that the Amuwo Odofin breed also tasked Amuwo Odofin Constituency I residents to promote healthy living, as he welcomed and presented the gifts items.

OlaWestern, who was in the hospitals to celebrate with mothers, said the birth of children do not happen by chance, but required that mothers take steps to ensure that they live a healthy life, while pregnant and get skilled care during labour and delivery.

While noting that the birth of children brings good fortune to a society, Hon Ola Folorunsho said the birth of children was significant and symbolises the assurance that human heritage and the life force continued to the next generation.

Ola Western is the Chairman of Tinubu Support Organization (TSO) in Amuwo Odofin LGA also paid the bills of some indigent patients. This is aside the food items and cash that were distributed in about three wards within the hospital.

in his words, he said it is important we consistently show love to the people especially those that are already despaired emotionally. He has assured the management of the hospital of his continuous supports.

He furthercongratulated the parents of the babies at the hospital and urged them to take good care of their children so that they would grow and achieve their full potentials in life.Appealing to all parents to ensure good upbringing of their children,

OlaWestern charged the parents on the need to give them good education, just as he admonished them to take good care of them so that they could be useful to their families, the state, and entire country.He also charged the nursing mothers to breastfeed their children exclusively for at least six months so as to help them grow up healthy

Push News noted that this kind of philanthropist gestures shows that one do not necessarily have to occupy political office to impact the peoples lives. Empathic and transformative leadership should be a lifestyle for anyone that truly wants to lead as exemplified in the life of our National Leader,Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

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PUSH NEWS 24 INTERNATIONAL … December 19th, 2021

Ms Sofiat Amusa (L)

Ms Sofiat Amusa, wife of the 25-year-old man who committed suicide by jumping into lagoon in Epe some days ago attributed husband death to frustration, depression and lack of parental care.

She disclosed this during an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria, in Epe, on Friday.

According to her, the ugly incidents which claimed her husband’s life occurred at around 7:15am on Tuesday.

She said that her husband has been intimidating the family with frightening goodbye messages, instructing his parent to take care of his wife and his 11month old baby girl.

The 21-year-old wife said that both of them were not legally married yet.

“We live together before his demise but he has been acting strangely for couple of days before his death.

“I complain about his strange behaviours to his parent but they ignored these until his death”

Lack of parental care, depression and frustration of not been attended to him by his parents, constituted to his death, ” she said.

She however debunked the age of her husband making the rounds on the social media. She said that her husband, Olamikekan Odunare was 25-year-old old, while she is 21-year-old.

“We used to celebrate our Birthdays together in December 22nd during mine because we were both given birth to in December.

“He studied Quantity Surveying in Lagos Polytechnic”, she confirmed.

She appealed to all Nigerians to come to her rescue for food and cash support to take care of the innocent baby her husband left behind.

“I can’t take care of the baby girl alone, I need help from philanthropists, NGOs and other well-meaning Nigerians.

“My late husband works at Alaro city in Epe which we have been surviving with his monthly salaries, I need help from Nigerians to train the baby to a university level, ” she said.


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PUSH NEWS 24 INTERNATIONAL : December 8th, 2021


Nigeria is the latest African country to join the UK’s travel red list – along with South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Lesotho, Eswatini, Angola, Mozambique, Malawi and Zambia.

In a swift reaction Nigerians-in-Diaspora have also learned their voices to the call for the UK reconsider her position. The Convener of Nigeria Diaspora Project Committee (NDPC), Prince Olalekan Ojo Martins has criticized a travel ban imposed on the West African nation by the British government amid fears about the new omicron variant as “punitive, indefensible and discriminatory aimed at sinisterly tending towards recolonisation of Africans”

U.K. Health Secretary Sajid Javid on Saturday added Nigeria to the U.K.’s travel “red list,” which means that arrivals from there will be banned except for U.K. and Irish residents. He said there was a “significant number” of omicron cases linked to travel with Nigeria, with 27 cases recorded in England.

The NDPC Visionary stressed that the move by the UK is very “unfortunate” and “unfair” towards developing countries particularly when nations are expected to pull resources and strength to fight the new wave.

Push News 24 International gathered that the only people allowed to enter the UK from these countries are UK or Irish nationals, or UK residents.

Arrivals from red-list countries are required to enter hotel quarantine – at their own expense – and isolate for 10 days. These countries have been targeted because the Omicron variant was first identified in southern Africa.

But the fact all of the nations currently on the red list are African has been described as “wicked and unfair”.

But Nigerian authorities say they have not reported any new omicron cases in the country since announcing on Dec. 1 that they had detected three cases in travelers who arrived from South Africa.

According to Aare Ismail Adetunji who is based in Washington DC stressed that the British travel ban has no sciencetific backing and is very “unjust, unfair, punitive, indefensible and discriminatory,” .

Dr. Asekun, a lawyer based in Texas said

“We continue to witness the humanising and unyielding actions/inactions of the actors who partook in the making of modern Nigeria but still holding the strings of progress”,

Olayiwola Isiaka in his own submission to Push News 24 International that ” we will continue to emphasize the scandals and clandestine colonial operations in our mainstream narratives.”

Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country, is not considering imposing travel bans from any country now, Minister of Health Osagie Ehanire told The Press. Instead, it is focusing on ramping up surveillance and testing as it aims to “balance saving lives and saving livelihoods.”

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